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News That Matters - July 2, 2013 - The Yeah, We're Screwed Edition.

News That Matters

News That Matters
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Putnam County, NY:

Scores of people have called and written our county officials directly about this matter and hundreds more have let their voices be heard and their negative opinions known and yet apparently you don't count. Sorry.

The County Legislature *will* vote to endorse the contract with Bikepath Country to place advertising signs on the County's Rail Trail at their meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night and they'll do it whether you like it or not.

And once they do they'll discuss the contract in executive session where you can't hear, witness nor see their backroom dealings.

And even while they are in discussion about the contract (almost last on the meeting's agenda) on the floor of the Legislature you will not be able to speak or have your say. They don't want to hear you. They don't care what your concerns are and they're going to do what they've intended to do all along - the public be damned.... again.

You still have time to tell them you don't like it - at least to make their conscience's hurt. (Assuming they have conscience's.)


It's *not* about the pittance of money the county claims they need,
It's *not* about public safety, a card pulled out of their butts when all else was failing but,

It *is* about a little advertising free time, some quiet time, some green space from visual clutter and peace of mind.

It *is* about representing the needs and wishes of the electorate.

County Legislative Chair Richie Othmer said that we should help this company get a start. Did he say the County should help *YOUR* company get a start? Why not? Where's your lucrative county contract? What's so special about Bikepath Country?

Make no mistake, this is all about rewarding a closely-connected political friend with a lucrative contract that you will be paying for one way or another.

Call MaryEllen Odell's office and say, “NO!” to this foolish enterprise and let’s keep for ourselves a place to escape commercialism and that the people she was elected to represent are more important than her close political allies. That the voices of the 99,000 *other* residents of this county are more important than the 1000 she and the Legislature cater to.

You can reach her at (845) 808-1001 or by email to

Then call the county Legislature at (845) 808-1020 or email them at

And then head on over and sign on to the petition at

SHARE this post. Do something! Get Active! Let's make these people remember this come election time in November this year. At the very least let's make them know that we will not forget.

Here's the voices of 15 more people the county does not care to listen to:

harper lauren PATTERSON, NY
I treasure our outdoor spaces for the peace, tranquility and privacy. Let's keep the Putnam Trailway free of advertising and protect this beautiful space a respite from the busy outside world.
there has been to much beautiful landscape ruined by advertising. the public needs to take back the beauty of our world
Christine Blossy CARMEL, NY
want to be able to go on railtrail on only see nature
Bad idea. Next.
Jeffrey Asher PAWLING, NY
As a bike rider, I do not need or want the clutter of ads on the bike path. We have enough marketing 24/7/ We need a place where nature is the only "point of interest" along the path.
delia stanley BREWSTER, NY
Please don't ruin the beauty of the bike path with advertising! We are bombarded by ads all day everyday, nature is our last escape from the madness of corporate culture!
robert butler MAHOPAC, NY
The bike trail is a beautiful natural part of our community. The public should BOYCOTT any company who advertises on it
Lisa Britt CARMEL, NY
Don't want to see ads when on the bike path. Would rather enjoy nature in it's purest form.
Tom and Linda Mondo MAHOPAC, NY
To maintain natural beauty of the Putnam trailway.
Putnam trail is not a billboard!
David LeFebvre CARMEL, NY
The existing mile markers are useful and sufficient. Why muck them up with unneeded and unwanted advertising. It exchanges the prestine woodlands with crass commercialism
John Ballantine BREWSTER, NY
 The Putnam Trailway should not be spoiled by ads.
Paula LeFebvre CARMEL, NY
Let us keep the natural beauty of the pathway.
Kate mackie CARMEL, NY
Let's keep it real!
karen likar MAHOPAC, NY
there are signs EVERYWHERE in this county and this country. really? the bike path too? find something else to do with your retirement time people, but not to scribble in my yard.

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