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News That Matters - Monday, May 2, 2011 - McGuigan Enters The Race - Carmel Blasting Ordinance

News That Matters

News That Matters
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“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.”

 – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Good Monday Morning,

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is what our Iranian friends had to say about it. Never Again.

I'm still looking for a place to move with the dog.

Breaking News: McGuigan Enters County Legislative Race

Received 05/01/11 10:59PM

Robert McGuigan Jr.
5 Mountain Drive
Mahopac, NY 10541

h – 845-628-3506
c – 845-269-8003


MAY 2, 2001

Former Putnam County Legislator Robert (Bobby) McGuigan Jr., a resident of Mahopac, announces his candidacy today for Legislator, District #8, which he served  with distinction for 12 years. McGuigan served as Chairman of the Legislature and was also Deputy Chairman and served on every standing committee. Mr. McGuigan stated, “In politics you need to step back and re-evaluate your position to serve your constituents effectively. I have the years of experience and know County Government inside out, but I also have the benefit of a respite and as a self employed businessman I know the struggle and pressure families in Putnam are feeling in order to make ends meet.”

Over the past three years our Country and County has faced the worst economic down turn since the great depression. He claims that the tools put in place during his tenure provided a safety net that spared the County from a total break down that other municipalities faced. McGuigan stated, “My voting record reflects I took votes based on what was right, voting no to pay raises and reigning in on spending proved to be wise votes. I didn’t always win popularity contests, but it was my job to be fiscally responsible.”

McGuigan, a 1975 Mahopac High School graduate, was first elected at the age of 38, was always cognizant of the need to rein the Counties budget while keeping in place the vital programs. The 53 year old self employed local business man, a taxpaying homeowner and the father of 4 children, ages 16 thru 29 with two in college and living at home is cognizant of the burden placed on so many because of high taxes, mandates and municipal mismanagement. McGuigan’s record reflects the ability to work with representatives from all levels of government across party lines to secure funding aid for the County.

McGuigan continued, “I pride myself with a history of working side by side with Putnam Counties 40 departments including the managers and employees that keep our County running like a fine tuned clock. I also look forward to re-establishing my professional working relationship with Putnam’s elected officials who provide for the Health, Safety and Welfare of our residents. Now more than ever, collectively working together, we can do the work of the people in a concise way. “The time is now to be part of a solution, not the confusion”, which under the wrong makeup of the Legislature will have a negative impact for years to come. McGuigan places a strong emphasis on “his common sense approach to lead us to more prosperous times ahead. I have the years of experience in government and my evaluation from a business perspective will bring much needed leadership, a fresh vision and the experience needed in challenging times.”

Mr. McGuigan feels that 2012 will prove to be a turning point for the County with a new County Executive after over 20 years. The Legislature will find itself in transition ratifying new department heads and exploring new policies. With the hopes of a new financial norm each vote will be critical and must be cast independently with the public interest put above all.

Through consensus building and respectful dialogue I pledge to contribute even when my position may not be popular; Government can only work when many ideas are debated. I have always governed by the quote, “listen to people tempered with compassion” and “pledge to continue respecting the will of the people”.

According to the newspapers some folks over in Jolly Old England got married the other day and I'm pleased to say I know nothing about it.

Accurate weather forecasting saved countless lives from the tornadoes that crossed the south and even though 300 died, without advanced warnings many more might have. It was the careful and complex forecasting abilities that gave many enough notice to take safe shelter.
The United States has the most complete weather forecast network in the world but that has been seriously undermined by recent actions in Congress in which the Republican party has voted to slash federal funding to maintain that edge. Yes, even Alabama's Congressional delegation voted to slash funding for advanced warning and radar systems. And had their cuts already taken place...

Giving it Up for Vinnie Leibell

More than a million letters have made it to the judge presiding over former Senator Leibell's case, at least it seems like that many based on news reports. For each time you open the funny papers more letters have arrived and all apparently pleading with the judge to be lenient come sentencing.

But my head is spinning from all this hypocrisy.

On the one hand we have a mass of people who are complaining that Albany is corrupt, that politicians in general are corrupt and that you can't trust government at any level.

On the other hand you have many of the same people saying that every politician is corrupt EXCEPT Senator Leibell. Oh, yeah, there's that bribery thing but he's not responsible for his actions, it's just the way Albany is so why punish him for what everyone is doing?

I'm sure he's a saint. I'm sure he's a good family man. You know as well as I that hundreds of organizations around the district have benefited from his largesse with pork and state dollars and all of that is undoubtedly true. But that's not the issue here: the issue was personal gain, that the Senator benefited financially from all that wonderful work and that's the problem.

My opinion: You can't have it both ways and protecting Senator Leibell and others who have followed (or were led) down that path gives every other politician an excuse to continue on with the status quo of bribery and corruption and all that goes with it.

Sure the [fill in organization name here] got their [fill in project here] built. But we all know they had to use the Senator's personal [fill in service or company here] and that contract turned into a direct campaign donation meaning that monies that should have gone into [fill in project here] were skimmed off and ended in the Senator's pocket. Is this the norm in government? If it is, then we cannot be lenient if we want change to take place.

Look, I'm not picking on Vinnie Leibell, he just happens to be the local poster child for all you've been saying is wrong with Albany. If we were in another district, Joe Bruno's for instance, we'd be talking about him.
Peter Fluchere, a local appraiser, writes: "I would ask that now during this difficult time for the Leibell family, he be allowed to come home to then and, as the court feels appropriate, to have him provide a community service for which all would benefit."

Valerie Hickman, Putnam's Tourism Director writes, "I would also hope that you would find some compassion for a man who has contributed and will continue to contribute to the well being of his fellow man."

Nicholas Spano writes, "When news of the investigation and indictment of Mr. Leibell reached his colleagues both in and out of government, the reaction was truly one of surprise. It appeared markedly out of character with the person that I and others had observed."

County Clerk Dennis Sant writes, "Vinnie is the most charitable, generous, dedicated public servant I have ever worked with."

And in a letter to the Editor dated January 5, 2011, Jim Baker of Kent wrote, "He would have made an excellent County Executive. I wonder of we have not created, in Albany, a system whereby the only effective voices allowed are those the inner circle can ambush at will."
If you wrote a letter asking the judge to be lenient in his sentencing then I'd better never hear you complain about corrupt politicians ever again. Never, never never never never again.


The Town of Carmel has proposed a new blasting ordinance which is a little late as the damage has already been done. After a recent public hearing some changes were made and they're outlined below:

Under Section D: Pre-blast Inspection, the town has added a post-blast inspection and a new part 3 and 4 that says; (underlined is new. strike through words were removed.)

(1) When the any actual blast will location is proposed or planned to occur within a five hundred (500)

foot radius of any existing home, structure, roadway, pool, utility or other facility, including but not

limited to septic systems, sewer lines/mains/collectors, water distribution mains or services and/or

water wells and distribution lines, the Building Inspector may shall require est that a pre-blast

inspection be performed by the applicant. The pre-blast inspection should provide reports,

photographs and other video documentation delineating the existing conditions of such buildings,

structures, utilities or facilities. The cost of said inspections shall be born by the applicant and/or


(2) Upon review of the pre-blast inspection reports and field visits, the Building Inspector may

determine that a blasting plan be prepared.

(3) The Building Inspector shall require post-blast inspection with regard to all blast locations

which occur within a five hundred (500) foot radius of any existing home, structure, roadway,

pool, utility or other facility, including but not limited to septic systems, sewer

lines/mains/collectors, water distribution mains or services and/or water wells and distribution

lines. Such post-blast inspection shall be in accordance with the requirements of section D(1)

herein and shall be completed within 12 (twelve) months of completion of all blasting activity.

(4) The Building Inspector, in his discretion may direct or require potable water testing be

conducted and that the cost of said testing be born by the applicant and/or permittee.

As you can see, there's not a single substantive change (with the exception of a post-blast inspection) from the original proposal though I am sure the Carmel Town Board will say otherwise and say otherwise and say otherwise!

Though Hawaii became the US's 50th state on August 21, 1959, there's a two-year period during which it's not really, exactly a state, but an almost state. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 thus falling short of official statehood. Therefore he cannot be President. Why the Liberal, Left-wing media didn't figure that out is beyond me.

So, that resolves it. Barack Obama, birth certificate and all, must step down from the Presidency freeing the White House of a Black Man.

The previous article was brought to you by the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, Inc.,

The following article is brought to you by the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, Inc.,

This is from Free Republic:
Utter, unmitigated BS. A cover-up of gargantuan proportions.

Ok, so let me see if I have this correct. They just admitted that the COLB they have been saying was official and legit for the last years was indeed a fake, right?

Was he also a citizen of Kenya? Do you want a citizen of Kenya as president?

Thus far, and I will keep checking, but I find no evidence of the doctor who signed this COLB as ever existing. Will keep going thru Hawaiian records....

Yes, this is different from the OTHER COLB that has been foisted upon us for the last 3 years. BUT, it is still lacking information, such as length & weight of the baby. And why is it on this funky green background and looking like it is part of a roll of paper document? If it is from microfiche, you know it doesn't look like that. What gives?

AND the signature of the issuing registrar is NOT on the document but on the fakey green background. Something is not right here.

the ink on this form is too fresh for me.

And now, The News:

  1. NYC DEP punked by the Yes Men
  2. Putnam developer runs to daylight
  3. Man dies in Connecticut after being shot with stun gun
  4. Voyager probes set to enter interstellar space
  5. Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows
  6. Group Behind King James Bible Congressional Resolution Thinks Obama Might Be Antichrist
  7. Canada's Impressive World Leadership Record
  8. Docs warn men with mental 'short penis syndrome' against unproven pills, creams, pumps, surgery

NYC DEP punked by the Yes Men

No, the sticker above -- which, according to the Wall Street Journal, has been spotted near public faucets around New York City lately -- isn't the work of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. It's part of a pretty slick anti-fracking campaign, complete with a website ( dressed up to look almost exactly like the DEP's actual site. There's also a fake "DEP" video, with instructions on how to tell if your water is safe. (Hint: Try to set it on fire.)

The stickers, and the official-looking fake website that goes along with them, appear to be the work of the Yes Men, a group of activist merry pranksters that specialize in the art of the well-played anti-corporate hoax. Just last month, they gulled the Associated Press into running a story declaring that General Electric would be returning its $3.2 billion tax refund to the U.S. government. And back in 2000, they famously impersonated the World Trade Organization via a fake website ( that earned them an invitation to speak at a seminar on international trade in Austria. (A rather extraordinary drama then unfolded, in which the Yes Men's "WTO representative" spoke at the seminar, was hit in the face with a pie, and subsequently "died.")

Read More

Putnam developer runs to daylight

Hang in there. You’ll know soon enough if the recovery is real.

Jennifer Maher, broker with Keller Williams Realty Group in Scarsdale, and Paul A. Camarda, president of Camarda Realty Investments L.L.C. in Carmel.

Paul Camarda, president of “a small company that does big things,” Carmel-based Camarda Realty Investments L.L.C., said we should know what the next couple of years hold by July 1. The economy has notched gains, but it remains “fragile, just tracking along,” he said. If the recovery fails to gain sufficient traction in the next two months, the presidential election threatens to stall everything.

Camarda spoke to 25 business people recently in White Plains at a breakfast hosted by the Westchester Putnam Association of Realtors.

“It’s all about psyche,” he said. “Until housing moves, we’ll never see a revival in real estate across the board. If the homeowner has the psychological knowledge that the value of his home won’t drop anymore, he’ll spend.”

One problem: “There’s a lot of s**t out there in plain English that’s never going to sell,” Camarda said. “In Nevada, they’re tearing down new subdivisions.”

Camarda’s developments include Patterson Crossing, Gateway Summit, Stateline Retail Center, Kent Business Center, Taconic Center and Union Place, all in Putnam County.

Patterson Crossing won all approvals last fall. It features 410,000 square feet of retail and an additional 8,220 square feet of office space. Camarda estimates 50,000 cars pass its Route 311/I-84 Exit 18 location every day.

Gateway Summit on Route 6 in Carmel also possesses its approvals. Its plat foresees a 123-room hotel set to break ground in June, 300 housing units, 22,600 square feet of retail and 6,000 square feet of office space.

Stateline Retail Center in Brewster won its approvals last year and foresees 195,800 square feet of retail space and 14,800 square feet of office space one mile from the Connecticut border. During his address, Camarda, who lives in Ridgefield, Conn., but who serves on the boards of several prominent Putnam businesses, said New York license plates are common at Danbury (Conn.) Fair Mall, but very few Connecticut cars shop in New York.

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Man dies in Connecticut after being shot with stun gun

May 1, 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A man died in police custody early on Sunday in Connecticut after he was shot with a stun gun in the back of a squad car, authorities said.

The incident began just after midnight in the lobby of St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury, when police received a report of a man creating a disturbance.

Waterbury police said they arrested the man and placed him in the back of a police cruiser. He continued to be combative and was shot with a Taser stun gun, police said.

He became unresponsive and was taken into the hospital, where he died after attempts to resuscitate him failed, police said.

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Voyager probes set to enter interstellar space

ScienceDaily (Apr. 29, 2011) — More than 30 years after they left Earth, NASA's twin Voyager probes are now at the edge of the solar system. Not only that, they're still working. And with each passing day they are beaming back a message that, to scientists, is both unsettling and thrilling.

The message is, "Expect the unexpected."

"It's uncanny," says Ed Stone of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Voyager Project Scientist since 1972. "Voyager 1 and 2 have a knack for making discoveries." Today, April 28, 2011, NASA held a live briefing to reflect on what the Voyager mission has accomplished--and to preview what lies ahead as the probes prepare to enter the realm of interstellar space in our Milky Way galaxy.

The adventure began in the late 1970s when the probes took advantage of a rare alignment of outer planets for an unprecedented Grand Tour. Voyager 1 visited Jupiter and Saturn, while Voyager 2 flew past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. (Voyager 2 is still the only probe to visit Uranus and Neptune.)

When pressed to name the top discoveries from those encounters, Stone pauses, not for lack of material, but rather an embarrassment of riches. "It's so hard to choose," he says.

Read More

Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

American public support for the free market economy has dropped sharply in the past year, and is now lower than in China, according to a GlobeScan poll released today.

The findings, drawn from 12,884 interviews across 25 countries, show that there has been a sharp fall in the number of Americans who think that the free market economy is the best economic system for the future.

When GlobeScan began tracking views in 2002, four in five Americans (80%) saw the free market as the best economic system for the future--the highest level of support among tracking countries. Support started to fall away in the following years and recovered slightly after the financial crisis in 2007/8, but has plummeted since 2009, falling 15 points in a year so that fewer than three in five (59%) now see free market capitalism as the best system for the future.

GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller commented: "America is the last place we would have expected to see such a sharp drop in trust in the free enterprise system. This is not good news for business."

The results mean that a number of the world's major emerging economies have now matched or overtaken the USA in their enthusiasm for the free market. The Chinese and Brazilians, 67 percent of whom regard the free market system as the best on offer, are now more positive about capitalism than Americans, while enthusiasm in India now equals that in the USA, with 59 percent rating the free market as the best system for the future.

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Group Behind King James Bible Congressional Resolution Thinks Obama Might Be Antichrist

Post by Sarah Posner

Alabama Republican Robert Aderholt and West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall have introduced a Congressional Resolution, timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, designed to express the body's "gratitude" for the "influence" the KJV has had on "countless families, individuals, and institutions in the United States."

The bipartisan co-sponsors were lobbied by the small non-profit Bible Nation Society, based in Corunna, Michigan, said Jason Georges, the group's executive director. Georges said that other members of Congress, particularly the Congressional Prayer Caucus, were also interested in the KJV resolution.

The Bible Nation Society, affiliated with Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna, was founded by Immanuel's pastor, Douglas Levesque. At the Bible Nation Society's 2010 Bible in Culture Conference, Levesque preached on the "Antichrist Quotient," in which he laid out wide-ranging conspiracy theories that President Obama might be the Antichrist.

Read More

Canada's Impressive World Leadership Record

by Adam Daifallah for Hudson New York

Those who care about support for democracies abroad and who want a strong ally for the U.S. and freedom around the world ought to be hoping that Canada's current Conservative Government, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, wins a majority in the election this Monday.

Back in the mid-1980s, it was easy – even fashionable – to mock Canada. It is still often wrongly perceived as a backwater, where people travel by dogsled, enjoy paying high taxes and make good bacon. As late as 1995, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Canada's dangerously high debt levels made it "an honorary member of the Third World."

Those who have been paying attention know a different story. Canada today is no laughing matter. It has come out of the economic crisis in better shape than any other G8 country. Its taxes are comparatively low, especially for corporations. It is on track to balance its budget far earlier than the U.S. And on the foreign policy front, Canada has outshone all of its Western allies in its robust defense of democracy, freedom and human rights abroad.

Much of the credit, particularly in the foreign policy realm, is due to to Stephen Harper's Conservative government, which is up for reelection on Monday.

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Docs warn men with mental 'short penis syndrome' against unproven pills, creams, pumps, surgery

Men, are you worried about your ahem, shortcomings? According to the researchers, you shouldn't be.

Men with "short penis syndrome" often have perfectly average-sized genitalia but believe strongly that they are inadequate.

"Penile size is a matter of great interest among men who are affected by 'short penis syndrome' or just believe themselves to have a small penis, even though the dimensions of the organ fall within the normal range," stated University of Turin urologists Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero in British Journal of Urology International, where their work is published this month.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are warning men who are obsessed with the size of their penises to think twice before investing time and money into pills, pumps and procedures that are as likely to disappoint as they are to cause harm.

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