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News That Matters - Friday, May 6, 2011 - Things To Do Edition

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The dog and I are still looking for a place to resettle. If you can help in that regard it would be appreciated.

Did you know that NYSEG charges you 73 cents to issue you a bill and then a 2 cent tax on top of that? Did you know that NYSEG collects, then passes on to the NYS General Fund, a 25 cent charge each month just for fun? Did you also know that NYSEG is now a British company and the profits go overseas... like NY's jobs? Well, now you do.

Congratulations to the State of Vermont for moving forward with a redesign of their health care system.

More Weirdness from Putnam County Government

It's about Kent Manor. For several years the county negotiated with the former owners of Kent Manor over what they owed in back taxes and for years they paid none letting the bill run up to over $2 million. And when the county finally settled they never involved the Town of Kent nor the Carmel Central School District in the settlement negotiations. Now the county wants the town to reimburse them for the property taxes they paid out to the town and the school district over all those years. It's a silly money-grab and I would urge the town NOT to send the county one red cent for this, ever.

But there are questions we've asked before and will ask my favorite one more time: In all the time Kent Manor was in arrears on their property taxes why didn't Bob Bondi move to foreclose on the property? I've heard various answers, all of them lame. The one answer we have yet to hear is the truth and if Putnam County DA Adam Levy is worth his weight in anything he should open a criminal investigation into the goings on over in Carmel.

Oh! Wait! Nah, that will never happen. Sorry I got your hopes up.

House Republicans Spurn American Heroes

House Republicans this week decided not to follow the Senate in passing a resolution (97-0) to thank the Navy Seals who captured/shot or otherwise apprehended Osama bin Laden last weekend. They say doing so would break one of their rules of no longer passing "honorary resolutions".

But according to a published report from Cliff Weathers, Republicans have already broken their rule:
H.R. 23 was a belated "thank you" card to the Merchant Marines for their participation in World War II.
H.R. 44 recognized the Guam's loyalty to the United States during World War II.
H.R. 78 named a post office after Hazel Hainsworth Young.
H.R. 362 renamed a Midland, TX Federal courthouse after former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.
Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler whose district includes Ground Zero said, “I think we ought to pass a resolution honoring the military and the president. How often do you get unadulterated, unabashed, absolute good news about something really important in this country, or any country?” I could not agree more.

Even More Weirdness from Congress

Nan Hayworth is proudly touting a bill she vote for which she says will cut gasoline prices by drilling for more oil off the coast of Virginia and other places. It doesn't matter that oil pulled from any new proposed wells won't hit your gas tank for 5 years or more, but it makes for a good sound bite and serves her corporate constituency by upping their profits even further.

What she should propose is CONSERVATION but that word and CONSERVATIVE are apparently too far apart from each other even though they share a majority of letters save the last two.

So, my dear Ms Hayworth, we'll say it once again: All the drilling in the world will not bring down the price of gasoline nor brunt its increase so long as Americans don't start conserving, driving less, better insulating their homes and all those things that are anathema to the Republican Party. And, just in case you missed it, please read "Oh my god! The gas prices! Someone should do Something!" It's a good primer on how to cut the cost of energy in these United States.

It's OK. Go ahead and click on the link. Be brave!

Then read this link for a dose of sanity.

Weather Geeks Unite!

Have you ever wanted to know what the weather was on a certain date and a certain place. Well, now you're in luck. The weather data for over 4000 reporting stations around the world is now available as a Google Maps App from WeatherSpark. And, just in case you want to know, the mean temperature has increased 3.9 degrees F over the past 60 years.

Does your living room look as good as this? If not, call a painter you can trust: TaconicArts is at 845 225-2104 - 845 225-2104

Action Alert

Help Secure Marriage Equality in New York State

Human Rights Campaign is asking us to make phone calls to our State Senator’s office to encourage his support for Marriage Equality.

If you’d like to call, the number is 845-279-3773.

Tell the staffer your name and town and that you expect The Senator to vote for Marriage Equality when the bill comes up later this month.

I’m a fan of letters as they give the Senator’s Staff something tangible to work with.

It doesn’t have to be long or involved, you don’t have to pour out your heart unless you feel so inclined. Just state your case, the case for equal rights and the case for New York.

Here’s the address:

Senator Greg Ball
1441 Route 22
Suite 205
Brewster, NY 10509

NY/NJ Trails Conference Hike of the Week:

Green Pond/Boston Mine Shorter Loop from Route 106

Bear Mt./Harriman State Park

From the parking area, cross to the north side of the road and bear left on the White Bar Trail, blazed with white horizontal rectangles. The White Bar Trail parallels the road for about 500 feet, then turns right and crosses a stream on a metal culvert. A short distance beyond, it bears right at a fork (the road that goes off to the left will be your return route) and continues ahead on a woods road.

In a quarter mile, the white-blazed Nurian Trail joins from the right (both trails are blazed white, but the Nurian Trail blazes are vertical, rather than horizontal). Continue ahead on the woods road, now following both White Bar and Nurian blazes, for about 500 feet. When the two trails split at a large boulder, bear left and continue along the Nurian Trail (vertical white blazes).

Read the full description here.

What's Going On?

Several events listed below are from the Hudson Watershed Alliance Newsletter.

This Weekend

Friday, May 6

The Singing Life of Birds

7PM - Bird song expert Donald Kroodsma will describe how birds communicate and why. Listen to the sounds of birds as you've never listened before, using their songs as a window into their minds. Location: Cary Institute's auditorium, located at 2801 Sharon Turnpike (Route 44) in Millbrook, New York.

The Wild Lunch

7PM - 9 PM - Indigenous Edible Plants Of the Hudson Valley With Evan Pritchard. An unforgettable indoor workshop/lecture that will feature the foods of the Munsee (Delaware Indians), how they prayed for help in hunting, what plants they gathered, how they communicated with plant spirits, “paid” for what they picked with tobacco, and what they did to increase yields.

A fascinating presentation about how the First People of this area lived by “eating off the land.”  Registration required. $20 per person. Call 914.962.2368 x2. At Hilltop Hanover Farms, Yorktown, New York

Saturday, May 7

Catskill Leanto Workshop

Doug Senterman, Leanto Supervisor for the NYNJTC will be partnering with the Catskill 3500 Club to provide two leanto workshops regarding the duties of a leanto maintainer. The workshops will be on Saturday May 7th in conjunction with a hike to Hunter and SW Hunter and a visit to the new John Robb leanto.

On Sunday May 8th (Happy Mother's Day) we will visit the Bouton leanto on Table Mt. Again, the trip will include climbing to the summit of both Table and Peekamoose mountains. Please consider joining us for one of these trips to see what a leanto maintainer's duties are and consider adopting one of your favorites in the Catskills. There is no obligation to do so based on your attendance at these events, but once you see how easy it is to be a maintainer, we are hoping.................One of the joys of being a Leanto Caretaker is the "obligation" to get out in the woods just three times a year to visit your favorite leanto and you can always bag a peak or two while you are out there. As always, thanks very much for your interest in giving back to our Catskill Mountain region. Please contact Laurie Rankin to sign up for one of these dates: (preferred) or by phone at 845-926-2182.

Birding 101

9AM - Join the Oblong Land Conservancy and Larry Feldmen from the NY Audubon for a guided walk through prime bird habitat, including an upland cedar grove and the Great Swamp floodplain. Meet at the Slocum Mostachetti Preserve, 7/10's miles to the west of the traffic light at the intersection of Route 22 and Pleasant Ridge Road in Wingdale. Click here for more information.

Natural and Human History Interpretive Walk with The Orange County Land Trust

10 AM - Enjoy a spring day outdoors at this beautiful and diverse 255-acre nature preserve, owned and managed by the Orange County Land Trust. Led by noted naturalist Gary Keeton, this moderate 1 ¾ mile hike rambles through a magnificent wooded ravine to fantastic vistas overlooking the Warwick Valley. A brief history of the region will be presented, with a focus on what is visible, particularly the various plant communities, and how people utilized these plants throughout history. Old foundations, stone walls and other historical remains of human activity on the mountain will also be examined. As there are areas of steep and rocky terrain, this hike is not intended for very young children. Registration is recommended by calling (845) 343-0840, x12 or emailing A donation of $5 per person or $10 per family is suggested with all proceeds going towards the future stewardship of Fuller Mountain Preserve.  All participants should wear comfortable shoes and bring water. Directions to the preserve are online at or by calling (845) 343-0840. Cancellation information will be available the morning of the hike at (845) 343-0840, x12.

Location: Fuller Mountain Preserve in Warwick. Meet at trailhead kiosk on Bowen Road.

Open Auditions for New One-Act Plays

11AM - 2PM - Drawing from the talent at Tony Howarth's Playwright's Workshop, the director is seeking 15 actors to help realize several new one-act plays. The roles are as follows:
Mending Fences:
Samantha - 30-45
Will – 50-65

Never Too Many:
Alice – 30-40
Saul – 65+

A Cable Situation:
(Brad) (an unseen voice)
Sheila - 20-50

Julie – college age
Wallace - college age
Sarah – college age

Dirty Laundry: Jim – 20-30
Karen – 20-30

Late for Her Own Funeral
Joanne – 30
Dad – 60
Jeff – 30
Lou - 50
Bring a resume/head shot to the Cultural Center on Lake Carmel, Route 52 in Kent. (It's the old firehouse just south of the Route 311 causeway.)

Stony Kill Farm Earth Day Celebration

11AM - Join us for our annual Earth Day Celebration and Plant Sale at Stony Kill Farm on Route 9D in Wappinger Falls.  There will be activities and crafts for children; food and baked goods for sale; vegetables and house plants for sale; Open Barn Tours - come see our new baby calf, piglets and lambs; sheep shearing at 1:00 p.m. by Steve Fink; guest appearances by Smokey Bear; live music by the Howland Wolves; gift shop and informational tables by the following organizations: Common Ground Farm, Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County Master Gardeners; Dutchess County Environmental Management Council, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Hudson Valley Wood Carvers, Mid-Hudson Trout Unlimited,  Mountain Scout Survival Camp, Sharpe Reservation - Fresh Air Fund, Stony Kill Foundation, Inc.; and the Verplanck Garden club.  For further information, call 845-831-1617 or email us at

Frack Action Concert With Pete Seeger

8PM - Join Pete Seeger, Julia Walsh, Frack Action, Josh Fox, Producer of "Gasland", Mike Jurkovic, Poet, Goldee Greene, Singer, The Rivertown Kids, Joel Tyner, Dutchess County Legislator and others at a concert to raise funds for a statewide ban on hydrofracking. At the Howland Cultural Center, Main Street, Beacon. $8! Proceeds go to Frack Action

Sunday, May 8 - Mother's Day

AMVETS Mother's Day Breakfast

9 AM Noon - Amvets Post 1111 Proudly Presents their first Mothers Day Breakfast

We Offer: Eggs Benedict, Omelets Made To Order, Fruit Filled Crepe's, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, Sausage, Bacon, French Toast, Pancakes, Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Homemade Desserts, Bagels, Fresh Fruit, Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk, Complimentary Mimosa's & Bloddy Mary's. All for just $10.00 an adult & $5.00 for children over 5, $30 for a family of 4 or more. Located at: VFW Post 9257, 4 Fairfield Dr., Patterson, NY 12563

Celebrate the Buddah's Birthday and Mother's Day

10:30AM - 4:00PM - Chuang Yen Monastery will hold a Garden Party to celebrate the Buddha's Birthday & Mother's Day.  Vegetarian Food Street Fair, Mind Power Counseling Station, Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine for Free Medical Clinic, Buddhist Heritage Exhibition, Kid's Playground area available.  Watch the various performances, magic show, and more. No registration required.

To celebrate Buddha's Birthday and congratulate to all the mothers of the world, Chuang Yen Monastery, located in Carmel, NY (an hour drive away from NYC, houses the largest in-door sitting Buddha status on the western hemisphere with oriental architectures & landscapes) will host a Buddha Bathing Ceremony & Garden Party on May 8th, 2011.

The event will start from 10am in the morning and last until 4pm in the afternoon. A group of five noble people will start the prelude of the Buddha Bathing Ceremony. Abbot of Chuang Yen Monastery -Ven. Dhammadipa Fa yao, and the renowned American Buddhism scholar ¡V Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi are cordially invited to direct the ceremony. Wish all the participants have their minds purified and pray for blessing to both the loving mothers and family members.

In this Mother's Day Garden Party will include Vegetarian Food Fair for flavorful snacks from different ethnic groups, Orchards Show, Chan (Zen) Buddhism Tea ceremony, Arts Exhibition, and Floral Arrangement presented by famous Japanese master, Mrs. Moriwaki, an instructor from School of Sogetsu and other famous floral designers from France and Hong Kong.  Various performances will be arranged in the afternoon. Some Chinese doctor volunteers will offer medical consultation including free pulse taking for health diagnosis.  Wish tree and wish fountain will be set up for visitors. Participants can tie a card with your wishes written on to the wish tree. Blessing lamps will also be available for paying tribute to the Buddha or sending blessing to mothers or deceased relatives.

You are welcome to participate, and bring the whole families. Best regards to all the mothers from all over the world. Chuang Yen Monastery 2020 Route 301, Carmel, NY 10512. Telephone number: 845-228-4288 Extension 103

Mothers & Others United to Shut Down Indian Point

1PM - A Mother's Day protest by concerned New Yorkers, calling for the immediate shut down of Indian Point. New Paltz is about 50 miles from Buchanan, NY, the site of the Indian Point nuclear plant. This distance is notable because it happens to be the same distance that the US NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) recently recommended for the evacuation at Fukushima.

A human (daisy) chain will be formed on Route 299 near Wallkill View Farm Market just west of the village of New Paltz. Participants are asked to bring a daisy (and/or other flowers) to celebrate Mother's Day, as well as " symbolize nature, life, simplicity, and beauty... For peace."

There will also be a moment of silence for Japan and its people. Other actions, such as speakers, may be scheduled as the event draws near.

The rain date is Sunday, May 15th at 1:00pm.

The event and any late-breaking information appear on facebook at

The fan page for the group is at

Near the Wallkill View Farm Market
15 Rt 299 (Cty Rd 7)

St. Lukes' Chamber Ensemble at Dia: Beacon

2PM - The May concert at Dia:Beacon will feature quartets by Schumann and Mahler, and prodigal late 19th century Russian composer Anton Arensky. The concert, which will be held in the John Chamberlain gallery, will be the last in the partnership between Dia and St. Luke's, as the Ensemble will be focusing its programming at the DiMenna Center, its new performance and rehearsal space in New York City.  

MAHLER Piano Quartet in A minor
ARENSKY Quartet No. 2 for violin, viola and two cellos in A minor
SCHUMANN Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 47

$35 general admission; $25 for Dia members; $10 students; children under 12 are free  For tickets and more information, click here.

Into The Future

Tuesday, May 10

Rain Barrel Building Workshop

7PM - Lakeside Park in Pawling. Sponsored by the Dutchess Watershed and Cornell Cooperative Extension Services.

Although we don’t often think about it, storm water can play an enormous part in the condition of our rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and wetlands.   When it rains, this water is usually channeled into storm drains to be taken to the closest body of water.  As storm water travels across the grounds’ surface as runoff, it can pick up different types of pollutants, washing them into our water bodies.   You can help!   Rain barrels are a great option to better manage excess storm water from your roof.  The water is captured before it picks up pollutants, and it is safe to use for watering plants.  A rain barrel can save gardeners up to 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months! 

This workshop will help you learn to better manage storm water AND will help you build your own 55 gallon rain barrel to take home. Cost: $45 per person, includes cost of rain barrel. To Register:  contact Angela Sullivan, 677-8223 x 114

Thursday, May 12

Hudson River Watershed Alliance (HRWA)
Mid-Hudson Watershed Omelet Series

8AM - Dam Release Policy Turmoil and Opportunity: Lower Esopus Creek and the Ashokan Reservoir

Featured Speaker: Mary McNamara, Outreach, Lower Esopus Watershed Partnership and Coordinator, Sawkill Watershed Alliance. Recent Ashokan Reservoir releases into the lower Esopus Creek have had environmental, economic, recreational, and aesthetic impacts. Our speaker this month has been in the middle of it all, in her role as a quiet but persistent watershed advocate. 

Mary will summarize the turbidity, timing and flooding issues, address the interactions of water systems, political systems and communities, and discuss the unfolding process of finding workable and balanced solutions.  For the first time in the 100 year history of the Ashokan Reservoir there is a discussion about water release policies benefitting and potentially restoring a downstream watershed and flow of the Hudson River. 

This is evolving as a rare opportunity to witness and influence the beginning stages of negotiation and some litigation involving a comprehensive list of organizations and governments agencies including local municipalities, state representatives, Ulster County, NYS DEC, Riverkeeper, NYC DEP, the Ashokan Center, land trusts, and other technical advisors. This work in progress will no doubt set important precedents for many other watersheds downstream of water reservoirs.

Please RSVP to Russell Urban-Mead, , to confirm your attendance.  There is a $4 minimum food/beverage purchase. Location:  Plaza Diner (Stop & Shop Plaza), New Paltz.

Friday, May 13

The Last Mountain

7PM - Join us for an advanced screening of this documentary film exploring how mountaintop coal mining impacts the environment and human health. An Official Selection at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Location: Cary Institute's auditorium, located at 2801 Sharon Turnpike (Route 44) in Millbrook, New York.

In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain.  It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live.  It is a battle that has taken many lives and continues to do so the longer it is waged.  It is a battle over protecting our health and environment from the destructive power of Big Coal. 

The mining and burning of coal is at the epicenter of America’s struggle to balance its energy needs with environmental concerns.  Nowhere is that concern greater than in Coal River Valley, West Virginia, where a small but passionate group of ordinary citizens are trying to stop Big Coal corporations, like Massey Energy, from continuing the devastating practice of Mountain Top Removal.

David, himself, never faced a Goliath like Big Coal.

Saturday, May 14

Philipstown Town-Wide Cleanup

8AM - 2PM - To help the town continue the Philipstown Cleanup Day during these economically challenging times, the Hudson Highlands Land Trust directors raised the funds internally to underwrite the cost of Cleanup Day for a second year.

"The Board of Directors believes that a mechanism that allows residents to responsibly dispose of their larger refuse items is a necessary component of protecting the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Hudson Highlands," explained HHLT Executive Director Andy Chmar.

The Cleanup Day drop-off is at the Garrison Volunteer Firehouse and is for Philipstown residents only. A driver's license, tax bill or other proof of residency must be presented upon arrival at the site.  Participants will be limited to two vehicle-loads per household, and no vehicle larger than a pick-up truck will be accepted.

Other guidelines include: no regular bags of household garbage, railroad ties, computer monitors, or items containing freon.  No 55-gallon drums, propane tanks, paint cans, batteries, or any other toxic materials will be accepted.  Brush and wood will be accepted, tied in length no longer than 5 feet.  Metal will also be accepted, and tires (not to exceed 16 inches).  White goods like washing machines, stoves or dishwashers will not be accepted at the Garrison Firehouse, but can be brought to the Town Recycling Center on that day.
Philisptown residents with questions should call Town Hall, 845/265-3329, for more information.

Putnam County Master Gardener's Plant Sale

8:30AM - 11:30AM - More than a thousand tomato plants, many vegetables, annuals, huge herb selection, Putnam Proven Perennials from the Master Gardeners' own gardens and gifts for all who garden. Free soil tests, great advice! At the CCE office at 1 Geneva Road in Brewster (Where the Motor Vehicles Office is).

There will be hundreds (yes hundreds!) of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and other veggies, Herbs both culinary and aromatic, Annuals, perennials from the Master Gardeners own gardens, A tent stocked with tools, soaps, gloves and other items gardeners need. You’ll find hand-crafted hypertufa containers and much, much more. Bring a soil sample for a free soil pH test!

West Point Foundry Preserve Tours for Heritage Weekend

10:30AM - We’re proud to be part of New York Heritage Weekend (May 14 and 15)—a celebration with special events at heritage destinations across the Empire State to help kick off the summer tourism season.

Join us for a guided tour exploring the remains of a 19th-century industrial powerhouse, the West Point Foundry, that made locomotives, steam engines and Parrott guns that helped win the Civil War.

TOUR TIMES: 10:30 a.m. – noon; 12:30 – 2 p.m.

The walks will occur rain or shine, except in the event of torrential rain, when they will be canceled. Please wear sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Tick precautions, such as tucking pants legs into socks and applying bug repellent to shoes and pants, are highly recommended.

MEETING PLACE: West Point Foundry Preserve

QUESTIONS? Contact Scenic Hudson Parks Event Coordinator Anthony Coneski:, 845-473-4440 x273

Event Location
63 Chestnut Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Robert Whitman, MoonRain (2010)

2PM - Dia Art Foundation is pleased to present the recent theater piece, MoonRain, by Robert Whitman, a pioneer of multimedia installation and performance. Referencing a famous collection of 18th century Japanese ghost stories by Ueda Akinari, the innovative work is set inside a fog environment designed by Fujiko Nakaya and will be staged in Dia:Beacon's lower level gallery.

Free with museum admission. For reservations, click here.

Robert Whitman first met Fujiko Nakaya during the E.A.T. project to build the Pepsi Pavilion at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan, where Nakaya developed the cloud sculpture that surrounded the building. Nakaya continued to participate in E.A.T. projects and also to create an extended series of fog sculptures around the world that have been incorporated in the designs of public spaces, buidlings and parks, often in collaboration with other artists and scientists.

In 2004 Whitman and Nakaya were both at an exhibition on E.A.T. at the museum in Norrkoping, Sweden, and worked together on a piece Whitman called Dialogue.

As Whitman describes it:

“Because I had been interested in projecting on fog and anything else I could project on, it just seemed very natural to introduce that idea as part of a dialogue which we performed at the opening of the exhibition in Norrkoping. I projected video images from an earlier piece, Not a Novel, onto the fog sculpture Fujiko had created in the garden of the museum. I’ve projected on leaves in the woods and stuff; and one of the things that happens with fog, it blows around, so a piece of fog comes up here and reveals part of the image and another piece of fog comes up over there and another part of the image is revealed: the image is fragmented. You can set up a circumstance where the likelihood is good of something happening that you never saw before. That’s the thing with the fog.”

For the piece, MoonRain, which was to be performed in the summer of 2010 in the woods in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, Whitman told Fujiko that he wanted to work with her to make the fog an active part of the imagery of the performance. As he has said: “I was relating to this idea of Ugetsu which comes from the 18th century writer Uedia Akinari, Tales of Moon Light and Rain (Ugetsu mongatari). They come from a tradition where the story is made with gaps, kind of like a Chinese painting where you have the landscape and the whole empty canvas, and wherever those gaps are, they are filled in by the person telling the story or reading the story and leaving room for your mind to wander and be engaged. So fog is a lot like that. There are a lot of gaps, things come and they go, disappear and appear. I thought that was an interesting parallel.”

Hiking the Road to Ruins

5PM - 7PM - Join us for a presentation with David Steinberg, author of Hiking the Road to Ruins. Steinberg will discuss twenty-two day hikes (and sometimes campouts) to old iron mines, deserted buildings, historic military leftovers and other things abandoned and available for visit by intrepid hikers. Many of the ruins are located right here in our backyard.

David Steinberg is is a life-long resident of the New York City area and has been a paid leader of hikes for fifteen years. From 1985 to 1996, he was a staff photographer and photo-feature writer for The Queens Courier, a weekly newspaper.

This event is free and open to the public. To RSVP, call the museum, 845-265-4010 or email,

Putnam County Historical Society & Foundry School Museum
63 Chestut Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Richard Julian Trio - PAC Music Series

7:30 PM - Special opportunities abound with PAC’s 2nd Saturday’s Music Series 5th performance on May 14th featuring the Richard Julian Trio with friends Tim Luntzel(bass) and Dan Reiser(drums) at 7:30pm. Seating is limited, and reservations are advised; Tix $20./$15 for PAC members. Mr Julian has toured with Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Josh Ritter, Roseanne Cash, and Suzanne Vega, and Entertainment Weekly says: “This New Yorker tosses off self-addressed put-downs with the ease of the young Springsteen during his acoustic Jersey-boy period.”

Carmina Burana

8PM at Brewster High School. The Putnam Chorale performs CARMINA BURANA - One Performance Only - with full orchestra and accompanied by the Brewster High School Chamber Singers and the Seven Star Dancers, on MAY 14, 2011 8 pm at the Brewster High School Performing Arts Center, 50 Foggintown Road, Brewster, NY.  Get more information at our web site ( or by calling 845-279-7265.

A collection of historic medieval songs and poems was discovered in the year 1803 at an abandoned monastery in Bavaria.  This collection was found to be satirical works that had been performed by traveling goliards, disaffected clergy and clerical students, who used the works to lighten the burden of everyday life and to poke fun at the authorities of the day.  In a way, the Saturday Night Live of its time!

The works make fun of church excesses and follies and mock the changing morals of the times.  There are love songs and songs for drinking and gambling that celebrate Epicurus, the ancient Greek Philosopher and advocate of the blissful life.  The stories are provocative and often disrespectful, but offer a common man perspective and a chance at some frivolity.

Sunday, May 15

Eagle Scout Fundraiser

9 AM - Noon - Jimmy Duncan is hosting a breakfast fundraiser. This fundraiser is for the Cleaning and waxing of the GAR Monument at Veteran's Park (Electrazone Field)-hoping to be completed for Memorial Day. The 2nd Phase will be the placement of a historic marker.

The menu includes an omelet station, waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, baked goods, oatmeal, juice, milk, coffee and tea. Reservations are not required, and all are welcome. The Brewster VFW hall is located at 262 Peaceable Hill Road and the phone number is 845/279-6969. Open to All $10 Adults. $5 Children.

Community Garden Plots at Stony Kill Farm

10 AM - The Stony Kill Foundation, Inc. announces the opening of the 2011 Community Garden Plots at Stony Kill Farm Environmental Education Center on Route 9D in Wappinger Falls.  Plots are 20' by 20' and are available immediately, for a fee of $30 for the season.  Please call 845-831-1617 for an application or email us at

Join us on Sunday, May 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for a Family Wilderness Survival Class with instructor Shane Hobel.  This class is made up of many skills and introduces you to the scope of this subject of study and particularly the “Basic 4”: Shelter, Water, Fire & Food.  You will also experience the beginnings of Tracking, Awareness & Movement. Topics are learned through discussion and practice.  Children participating must be in grades 3 and older.  All particpants should bring a bag lunch, snack and drink.  Meet at the barn classroom.  All should dress in layers and bring bug spray.  For further information, visit  Reservations are required to attend this program and can be made by emailing or by calling 845-831-1617.

Gallery Talk: Art in the Digital Age

1PM - With artist and educator, Dr. Sherry Mayo, who will discuss arts technology and the combination of both traditional and digital materials into studio practice explaining how she moves between the two, integrating drawing, painting, photography, installation, and digital to create her work. She will feature her recent installation at Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery in Faculty/Selects and discuss her relationship to contemporaries working in similar ways. Dr. Mayo is currently Director of the Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill Extension of SUNY Westchester Community College.

This free program is part of the PAC Sunday’s in the Center and is partially funded through a community grant from Entergy; reservations are advised.

Riverkeeper's Annual Shad Fest

For over 20 years, Riverkeeper’s Shad Fest has been a celebration of the vast numbers of American shad that returned each year to the Hudson River to spawn. The shad run has been a welcome sign of spring, rebirth and renewal for thousands of years, since the Lenape Indians populated the Hudson’s shores. Sadly, the shad population has declined in recent years to dangerously low levels and the focus of this year’s event is on saving the American Shad and other Hudson River signature fish which are similarly at risk. Shad Fest started off as a backyard barbeque held at Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s house, and has grown every year. To be held at Boscobel House and Gardens, Route 9D in Cold Spring. Click here for more information and tickets.

Garnet Rodgers with Shawn Taylor at the Towne Crier

7:30PM - Garnet Rogers has established himself as "One of the major talents of our time." Hailed by the Boston Globe as a "charismatic performer and singer," Garnet is a man with a powerful physical presence --close to six and a half feet tall-- with a voice to match. With his "smooth, dark baritone" (Washington Post) his incredible range, and thoughtful, dramatic phrasing, Garnet is widely considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the finest singers anywhere. His music --like the man himself-- is literate, passionate, highly sensitive, and deeply purposeful. Cinematic in detail, his songs "give expression to the unspoken vocabulary of the heart" (Kitchener Waterloo Record). An optimist at heart, Garnet sings extraordinary songs about people who are not obvious heroes and of the small victories of the everyday. As memorable as his songs, his over-the-top humour and lightning-quick wit moves his audience from tears to laughter and back again. $17.50 advance/ $22.50 door. Click here for more information.

Monday, May 16

The Buddha's 2600th Birthday Celebration

Globally - In the year 624 BC, in Kapilawaththu (Nepal) Siddhartha Gautama was born as a prince. His father was King Suddhodana and his mother was Queen Mahamaya. When he was sixteen he finished his education and he married Princess Yasodara. King Suddhodana handed over his kingdom to his son Siddhartha. They had a baby name Rahula. When king Siddhartha was 29 years old he decided to renounce lay life. Siddhartha left from his kingdom and went to several well-known teachers to study the ultimate nature of reality. But their teachings didn’t satisfy him and he set out to find his own path. Six years later he went to Bodgaya near the Neranjana River and sat under a tree.

Siddhartha's mind was calm and relaxed. As he sat his concentration deepened and his wisdom grew brighter. In this clear and peaceful state of mind he began to examine the true nature of life. "What is the cause of suffering,” he asked himself, “and what is the path to everlasting joy?" In his mind's eye he looked far beyond his own country, far beyond his own world. Soon the sun, planets, the stars out in space and distant galaxies of the universe all appeared to him in his meditation. He saw how everything, from the smallest speck of dust to the largest star was linked together in a constantly changing pattern: growing, decaying and growing again. Everything was related. Nothing happened without a cause and every cause had an effect on everything else.

With much equanimous joy, we would like to announce the program to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment at the United Nations in New York.

Visit for more information.

Tuesday, May 17

Passsive House Design

6PM - 8PM - Imagine a home that is warm during our cold, snowy winters and cool in our humid, hot summers; that also requires minimal ongoing costs for fuel and electricity to keep it comfortable. Well-executed passive house design is a proven method for achieving such a building. Join us for a discussion on how the passive house concept can be applied with equal success in urban centers, where projects are likely to be renovations, and in rural settings, where new construction is more common.  The presentation will show the implementation of passive house principles in a newly-built certified passive house in the Hudson Valley (the Hudson Passive Project) designed by Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC and a passive retrofit of a brownstone in the historic district of Park Slope, Brooklyn designed by Prospect Architecture.    What is a passive house?  The passive house standard embodies today's highest benchmark for energy efficiency and conservation. A cutting-edge approach to design and construction, the passive house standard drastically reduces the amount of energy required to operate a building (for instance, it results in a 90% reduction in energy required for heating). Originally developed in Germany, the passive house energy standard is being implemented with ever-greater frequency in the United States.

About The Presenters:

Dennis Wedlick, Architect: 
Dennis Wedlick is the founder of Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC, a full-service architecture, master planning, landscape and interior design firm in Manhattan and Hudson, NY. The firm is known for sustainable, expressive projects that combine great design, technology and craft.  Last year, the firm designed its first passive house, The Hudson Passive Project, which was completed in the fall of 2010.

Brian Marsh,  Architect: 
Brian Marsh is the Associate Partner of Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC, a full-service architecture, master planning, landscape and interior design firm in Manhattan and Hudson, NY. Last year, the firm designed its first passive house, The Hudson Passive Project, completed in the fall of 2010. Mr. Marsh is the lead architect on the Hudson Passive Project.

Jeremy R. M. Shannon, Architect:
Jeremy R. M. Shannon is the Principal Architect of Prospect Architecture, PC, a sustainable design-build firm located in Brooklyn, NY.  He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and is, as well a LEED Accredited Professional, BPI Envelope, Heating, and Multifamily Specialist, and is a Certified Passive House Consultant.  He has served as Vice President of the national Passive House Alliance, a trade organization created to promote the growth of Passive House in the United States.  He is also a part time instructor at Parsons The New School.  Jeremy specializes in residential townhouse and multifamily building construction using sustainable materials and focusing on energy efficiency without sacrificing the aesthetics or character of existing buildings. He designed and was the construction manager of the renovation and retrofit of multiple Passive House townhouses in Brooklyn New York.

Register for the Putnam/Dutchess County event with the links below. Reservations are $10 for advance sales to USGBC NY Upstate Chapter Members and Students, and $20 for non-members.  Members & students pay $15 at the door.

Chapel of Our Lady Restoration, 45 Market Street, Cold Spring, NY

Thursday, May 19

Community Forum on Term Limits Laws

The League of Women Voters of Eastern Putnam County will be hosting a forum on Term Limits at the Historic County Courthouse in Carmel. Speakers will represent both sides of the issue as well as those who will touch on the factual and historical aspects of Term Limits. County Executive, Paul Eldridge; NYS Assemblyman, Steve Katz ; myself, Tony Fusco, a former Putnam County Legislator; Joyce Mitchell, a member of The Putnam County Charter Review Commission; Putnam County Legislators, Dan Birmingham and Sam Oliverio; Dave Gagliardi, an American History teacher and Jeff Green, a businessman and columnist .

The event will be moderated by Bruce Apar of the North County News, also a  major sponsor of the event. This is a matter of public policy which will affect the way our elected officials govern in the future, and will likely have an effect on the uneven distribution of legislative power, locally, in the state and in the national arenas.  Please make every effort to attend this worthwhile and informative event.

Saturday, May 21

Putnam County Hazardous Waste Collection

9 AM - 1PM - Time to get rid of all that stuff under your kitchen sink and the bottles in the garage you can no longer identify. The county says they'll take drain cleaners and solvents and thinners and herbicides and phot chemicals and your old chemistry kit. What they won't take is latex paint, car batteries, used motor oil (bring that to any service garage where the smart ones strain it and use it in their oil burners) nor old computers and the like.

As usual, you have to register with the county at 845 808-1390 x43150

Canopus Beach Parking Lot
Route 301 in Kent

Sunday, May 22

Michelle LeBlanc

2PM - Here's another chance to catch Michelle's exciting award winning show, "1950's JAZZ: Bop, Cool, R&B." Michelle will be playing with her top shelf trio:  the talented arranger Tom Kohl on piano, Bill Conway on bass and the world touring sax player, Ed Xiques. Sponsors for this show include these Putnam County jazz lovers: Feehan Insurance Agency, Trebb Records and Desmond Fish Library. Suggested donation for this concert is $10. At the Desmond Fish Library, Route 403 & 9D in Garrison, NY Contact: 845-424-3020 or

Friday, May 27

Uncommon Ground with guest Tim & Sylvia

8:30PM at the Towne Crier, Route 22 in Pawling. Uncommon Ground is a hot, pan-genre, acoustic music group from New York's Hudson Valley that is on a mission: to flex the boundaries of traditional music. Since making an impressive debut to a full house at the Towne Crier in 2007, they have continued their evolution into "the complete package" ... great vocals, fiery instrumental abilities and a continually evolving repertoire of well-crafted tunes. Their music bears an unmistakable stamp of originality without losing the authenticity of the original sources. Audiences delight in the thrill of musical discovery as the band performs a repertoire that includes music from such diverse sources as Bill Monroe, Gabriel Faure, Venezuelan Choros and Gypsy Jazz. Uncommon Ground draws on the talents of Mike Kobetitsch, and Wayne Fugate, both long-time veterans of the Bluegrass scene who have performed with Grammy award winner, Lisa Gutkin and a host of other noteworthies; the ever amazing Rachel Han! dman and Phil Helm, two principles in the Hudson Valley Philharmonic whose technical precision, fertile inventiveness, surprising touches and mastery of the Bluegrass genre give the band a distinctive, signature voice; and Craig Bitterman, whose percussion lays down a groove-infused rhythmic foundation that adds colors and textures that make their tunes really snap. :|: artist's home. $17.50 advance/ $22.50 door

Saturday, May 28

Giant Book Sale at the Kent Public Library

Take-A-Hike! Season Begins With The Birds of Foundry Preserve

8:30 to 10:30am - Join Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary Director Eric Lind for this birding hike in Foundry Preserve in Cold Spring. An accomplished wildlife photographer, Eric is just the person you want along to share his knowledge as you walk from the village to view a wide variety of species. Don't forget your binoculars!

"We're excited to kick off this season with Eric's hike. Learning to identify birds by sight and sound is a great way to get back into the outdoors," says Outreach Director MJ Martin. "And we're grateful to all our volunteers who help lead the excursions for us; without them, this popular program would not be possible."

A total of eight hikes have been scheduled for the season, with selections ranging from a tot-friendly musical jaunt to a more challenging trek up Breakneck Ridge.  Check your mailboxes for the complete schedule.

All Take-A-Hike! programs are free, but registration is required.  Contact the HHLT office at 845/424-3358 or to make sure you're on the Take-A-Hike! mailing list.


Saturday, June 4 - National Trails Day

NY/NJ Trails Conference Annual Meeting

Bear Mountain State Park: On June 4, the Trail Conference will open a wheelchair accessible section of the Appalachian Trail on the summit of Bear Mountain.  For the past year, Trail Conference volunteers have been hard at work building this ADA-compliant segment of this historic and nationally celebrated long-distance trail. The trail will allow wheelchair users to enter the woods and view the Hudson River and Valley from one of the region’s most scenic spots.

At 10:30 AM, we will open and dedicate the trail.  Later in the day, the Trail Conference will have its Summer Meeting on the lawn below Bear Mountain.  There will be food and music by the acclaimed urban bluegrass group, Two Dollar Goat.

The event is co-sponsored by Disney/ABC and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Places.  Members of the Disney team will be on hand to help.

What's Happening When

8:00: Departure of early hike to summit of Bear Mountain from Fort Montgomery Historic Site (co-sponsored by Mid-Hudson ADK)

10:00: Morning refreshments at Trailhead of the ADA-compliant segment of the Appalachian Trail at summit of Bear Mountain

10:30: Opening ceremony and Dedication

10:45: Hike or drive down to Lawn  (Options from easy to strenuous available)

12:00-varied: Lunch on the Lawn with Music by Two Dollar Goat. 
             Hikers arrive from a variety of trails, eat, enjoy music.

             Rain or shine under tent!

1:30 (estimated): Meeting

All programs are free!  Lunch: $15 donation.  RSVP for lunch by sending a check or going to our donation page.  Please indicate your RSVP in the comment box.

Questions, comments, or phone reservations, contact Joanne Reinhardt at or x26 at the office

Rain Barrel Building Workshop

10AM - Fishkill Town Hall. Sponsored by the Dutchess Watershed and Cornell Cooperative Extension Services.

Although we don’t often think about it, storm water can play an enormous part in the condition of our rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and wetlands.   When it rains, this water is usually channeled into storm drains to be taken to the closest body of water.  As storm water travels across the grounds’ surface as runoff, it can pick up different types of pollutants, washing them into our water bodies.   You can help!   Rain barrels are a great option to better manage excess storm water from your roof.  The water is captured before it picks up pollutants, and it is safe to use for watering plants.  A rain barrel can save gardeners up to 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months! 

This workshop will help you learn to better manage storm water AND will help you build your own 55 gallon rain barrel to take home. Cost: $45 per person, includes cost of rain barrel. To Register:  contact Angela Sullivan, 677-8223 x 114

Orange County Earth and Water Festival

11AM - 5PM- The OCWA is pleased to announce that the 4th Annual Earth and Water Festival will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, NY. This unique festival is family-friendly, intimate, educational and of course, lots of fun! Stay an hour or stay all day. Bring a blanket, the kids and even your dog and enjoy the fresh air, listen to live music and entertaining performances by highly talented local musicians and peformers. Visit the Green Expo area at the festival and learn from many local vendors how they are making a difference by being "green" or what sustainable goods and services they provide. Buy fresh homemade bread, baked goods, produce and plants in the Farmers Market. Let the kids run wild in the Children's Activity tent (big festival favorite).

Live performances this year are diverse, colorful, creative, fun and always entertaining. Returning this year by popular demand are:

Arm-of-the-Sea Theater: Performing "To Fuel the Fire", a free-wheeling allegory about the ecological costs of energy. This tragic comedy features primordial masks and kinetic puppet figures, vivid paintings, whimsical props and live music. Their performances are award-winning and are a must see! You know it's good when a festival full of people stop to watch and listen. Click here to visit their website

Maxwell Kofi Donkor and the Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensamble: Their african drumming and dancing is interactive, makes your feet tap and people dance, and puts a smile on everyone's face. Click here to visit their website

"iS"coustic: This unusual, three piece jam band delivers live performances to electrify audiences. The bands name, which loosely means "the present tense" emphasizes their improvisational nature. They offer a unique experience that includes original diverse, memorable songs and exceptional musicianship. Click here to visit their website

Snakeman's Snake Show: Their performance will teach the audience about the environment and how snakes provide their part for the balance of nature. Their show is both interactive and hands-on with real live snakes, which will educate as well as entertain you. They will be at the festival all day and will do a special performance on the stage for everyone to enjoy! Click here to visit their website

New to the stage this year are Half Jester and Little Sparrow. These bands will delight and keep audiences moving. More details and the full performance schedule for follow soon.

More information is here.

Friday, June 10

The Environmental Footprint of Marcellus Shale Gas

7PM - New natural gas extraction technology has led to an increase in the exploration of organic-rich shale in the United States. In New York State, the Marcellus Shale formation has captured the public’s attention. Will gas extraction in the Marcellus Shale be a boon, providing cleaner domestic energy, or a bust, contaminating our air and water resources? Find out answers from Duke University’s Rob Jackson. His research captures the latest science on the impacts of shale-gas extraction and fracking.
Location: Cary Institute's auditorium, located at 2801 Sharon Turnpike (Route 44) in Millbrook, New York.

Six New One-Act Plays

8PM - Six new one-act plays from Tony Howarth's Playwright's Workshop. Plays by Pat O'Connor, Gabby Fox and Carol Mark, directed by Tony Howarth. At the Cultural Center on Lake Carmel, Route 52 just south of the Route 311 Causeway.

Saturday, June 11

Six New One-Act Plays

8PM - Six new one-act plays from Tony Howarth's Playwright's Workshop. Plays by Pat O'Connor, Gabby Fox and Carol Mark, directed by Tony Howarth. At the Cultural Center on Lake Carmel, Route 52 just south of the Route 311 Causeway.

Saturday, June 18

Clearwater Revival

Croton Point Park - Pete Seeger star Drive-By Truckers star Martin Sexton star Indigo Girls, Arlo Guthrie star Josh Ritter star Jorma Kaukonen star Peter Yarrow, John Sebastian star Janis Ian star The Low Anthem, Red Horse (Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka & Eliza Gilkyson) star The Klezmatics, Toubab Krewe star Justin Townes Earle star Chris, Smither star Joanne Shenandoah, Tom Chapin star Bernice Johnson Reagon star Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell, James McMurtry | Jay Ungar & Molly Mason | Jeffrey Broussard & The Creole Cowboys, Tao Seeger Band | Toshi Reagon & Big Lovely | Mike & Ruthy | Sarah Lee & Johnny, Bethany & Rufus' Roots Quartet | Clayfoot Strutters | Zlatne Uste | Joe Purdy, The Nields | The Kennedys | Jen Chapin | K.J. Denhert | Zon del Barrio, Vanaver Caravan| Buskin & Batteau | Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy, Brooklyn Qawwali Party | Joe D'urso | Joel Plaskett, Arm-of-the-Sea Theater star The Power of Song star The Rivertown Kids, Mustard's Retreat star Magpie star Roger the Jester star Dog on Fleas, Walkabout Clearwater Chorus star Paul Richmond star The Storycrafters, Rick Nestler star Donna Nestler star Travis Jeffrey star Margo Thunderbird, Marva Clark star Linda Richards star Eshu Bumpus star Dan Einbender, Dirty Stay Out Skifflers star Geoff Kaufman star Sarah Underhill star Peninnah Schram, Kay Olan/Ionataiewas star Mel & Vinnie star Karen Pillsworth star Gregorio Pedroza , Allan Aunapu star Jan Christensen star The New York Packet star Matt Turk star Hope Machine


Saturday, July 9

Long Dock Park Celebration

1PM - 6PM - Help us celebrate the opening of this new and improved Hudson Riverfront park in high style. Take to the water on a free kayak paddle, try out a new bike on the Klara Sauer Trail, join a guided tour of exciting park features, including Scenic Hudson’s River Center, our new venue for arts and environmental activities. If that’s not enough, you can test your mettle at hula-hooping and enjoy a great lineup of live performers—all while admiring magnificent Hudson River vistas.

    Arm-of-the-Sea Theater
    Uncle Rock
    We Must Be
    The Big Takeover

Event Location: Long Dock Rd. Beacon, NY 12508 - On the river side of the Beacon Train Station.

July 21 - 24

Gathering of the Vibes

Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT - Gathering of the Vibes, the Northeast’s acclaimed music festival destination, will “bring the magic” once again with a 4-day extravaganza of eclectic music, arts and community, July 21-24, 2011 at Connecticut’s magnificent Seaside Park. The rumor mill is swirling with artist announcements around the corner. Gathering of the Vibes promises its most spectacular and diverse lineup to date, delivering over 40 hours of music on multiple stages. Powerhouse Vibes alumni include: The Allman Brothers, Crosby Stills & Nash, Furthur with Phil Lesh & Bob Weir, James Brown, The Black Crowes, and Damian Marley and Nas, alongside breakout acts like Umphrey’s McGee, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Jackie Greene, and tri-state favorites The McLovins. The Vibes also warmly embraces new, virtually unknown artists, who may submit music for consideration through sonic bids.

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