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News That Matters - December 31, 2010 - The 2010 Final Edition

News That Matters

News That Matters
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Good Friday Morning,

A year that will live in infamy ends in a few hours and good riddance to it. 2010 was tough on everyone and about 364 days too long. Here's a Mark Fiore animated cartoon that sums up the year better than I ever could. 2010, The Year That Wasn't.

Today is also your last chance of the year to say "Thanks!" for the 140 issues
of News That Matters you read this year
and I encourage you to do so.

It only takes a couple of mouse clicks
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and you can put a little sheen on a dreadful year.

Congratulations go out to Paul Eldridge the likely choice for County Executive. The Legislature has made it clear they don't want him to do anything but I'm willing to bet that once he gets settled in things will happen and he will do what the Legislature fears - he may actually move the county forward.
As I wrote the other day, the other requirement is that he not run for public office but I'm also willing to bet that there will be a Draft Eldridge faction within the party which will only muck up Sheriff Smith and Maryellen Odell's already running campaigns for that office.

We say good-bye to Bob Bondi who has been in the County Executive's seat for a generation. He retires to his 350 acre farm in Pulteney, New York where a 3-bedroom house on 3.5 acres goes for $149,000, a 4-bedroom split-level ranch on a quarter acre goes for $139,900 and a 2-bedroom house on 6 acres goes for $149,000 with a property tax bill of... $2600. Ya gotta love it.

We say hello to Steve Katz who will be representing the 99th AD and to Nan Hayworth who, with her millions, will be heading to Congress this weekend to take the seat once held by John Hall. We also say hello to Neil DiCarlo and Carl Albano who will be joining the Putnam County Legislature replacing Tony Fusco and Maryellen Odell.
We say good-bye to the CAPS-LOCK key on computer keyboards. You'll finally have no choice but to hold down the shift key to type upper-case letters. You know, like in the olden days. No longer will your friends be able to easily SEND YOU EMAILS THAT ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO READ AND THAT YOU SHOULD SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW OTHERWISE A KITTEN WILL DIE.

If they would only get rid of the LOL key we'd really be on to something.

We say goodbye to a lieutenant colonel (who refuses to use his name) who said in a letter to World Net Daily that he is leaving the Army National Guard because of something else we're saying goodbye to, Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

There's a lot more we're saying "good-bye" to as the calendar turns another page and as far as I'm concerned, good riddance to it all. Will 2011 be any better? Who knows?

News Shorts:

Energy Independence? HAHAHhahahah. Check this out.

Bank of America told this couple that their house would go into foreclosure on Christmas Eve which came as something of an anti-Christmas Miracle to them considering they had never missed a single mortgage payment. Read More about that here.

With 96 percent of the top 500 American corporations turning profits this year and stock prices soaring to the highest levels since the recession began, you'd think you'd start to see a dent in that near double-digit unemployment rate. But that's not so, partially because companies are boosting their bottom lines by moving toward outsourcing. Read More about that here.

Years from now, Wall Street will look back on 2010 as a banner year, the year the industry fully turned the corner after the meltdown and the Street regained its old swagger. Just two years ago, the country's biggest banks stood on the brink of complete collapse; several storied institutions—Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns—either disappeared or were taken over. But in the years that followed, the surviving big banks and investment houses emerged stronger, while the rest of the American economy sank into a recession from which it has yet to fully emerge. Read More

The thought of putting solar panels on your roof may seem daunting. But you don't have to try to go off the grid to save money on your utilities while helping protect the environment. A much simpler and more affordable change is to invest in a solar water heater. Read more.

The Worst Clichés of Politics From 'Tax-and-Spend' to 'Maverick': According to my rough calculations, our political tongue -- the language of campaigns, elections and, yes, governing -- is sustained by an army of maybe 10,000 professional babblers. They are the Quoted (White House officials, members of Congress and big-time candidates), the Quote Creators (speechwriters and press-release purveyors) and the Quote Users (reporters, columnists and TV correspondents). And taken as a group -- with some notable exceptions -- they display all the originality of second-graders telling knock-knock jokes. Think I am exaggerating? Read the article here.

What's Going On?

Friday, December 31 - New Year's Eve

The Folkadelics 3rd Annual NYE Party

7PM at Kenny's Castaways. 157 Bleeker Street (Btw Sullivan and Thompson). Join Putnam Valley's Gavin Cummings. Come ring in the New Year with the Folkadelicks. For the third year in a row The Folkadelics will be hosting NYE in NYC! This years line up is especially fantastic featuring NEVERGREEN (Rochester, NY), the CHARLIE RIVER BAND (Boston, MA), and STEF LEAL performing music from her new EP!!

Expect new Material and some special guest appearances!

ALSO!! Stick around for a 3AM LATE night Jam with everyone back on stage!!! Who knows what will happen!!!

Michelle LeBlanc

Spend New Year's Eve with Putnam Valley's Michelle LeBlanc at the Hudson House River Inn, 2 Main Street in Cold Spring. Call 845 265 9355 for more information.

Saturday, January 1 - New Year's Day

Day of Mindfulness

9 AM - 4PM - at the Chuang Yen Monastery on Route 301 in the Free State of Western Kent. With hearts established in mindfulness, we are truly present. Be Truly Present at our Day of Mindfulness. Inter Faith Ceremony, sitting, walking meditation, chanting and much more… Suggested $15/a day to Chuang Yen Monastery includes a delicious and lovingly prepared vegetarian lunch.

Featured Event - 2nd Annual New Year's Day Hike

Noon - 2PM at Fahnestock State Park. Join us for the second annual New Year's Day Hike into Fahnestock State Park. We'll take an easy stroll on the first day of the year, probably not more than 2 miles or so. Dog and child friendly. Write for more information and the meet-up location which will be scouted out this morning.

Putnam County Executive Swearing in Ceremony

Noon. At the Putnam County Courthouse. Master of Ceremonies, Eric Gross, pledge of allegiance led by Adam Levy. Join the county Legislature and a whole slew of local politicians as Paul Eldridge (that's just a bet) is sworn in as the next county executive. Also being sworn in are, Greg Ball, (his second, as he'll be sworn in at the Primevera restaurant at 12:01AM) Sandy Galef, Steve Katz, James Rooney, Denis Sant, Carl Albano, Tony Hay and Anthony DiCarlo.

Kent CAC New Year's Day Hike

1PM - Frederick Dill Preserve - Start the New Year with a walk through the Fred Dill Wildlife Sanctuary admiring our trees with wood craftsman and Kent resident Ralph Szur. Learn the different uses, growth habits, and identifiers of Oaks, Maples, Ash and Dogwoods. The group will assemble on New Year's Day at the Sanctuary's parking area on the south side of Fair Street between Carmel High School and De Colores Drive at 1:00 PM. The hike will take approximately two hours. Be sure to dress warmly. Check the Kent CAC website for more information.

Sunday, January 2

Monthly AMVETS Breakfast

9AM - Adults $10, kids $5 or free. Eggs, omelets, french toast, er, freedom toast, that is. Pancakes, grits and all the standard fare. At the VFW Post, 4 Fairfield Drive in the Putnam Lake section of Patterson.

Into The Future

Tuesday, January 4

Discover the Actor Inside

7:30-9:30PM - An 8-week class with Lora Lee Ecobelli. By using theatre games, improvisation, and scenes students will learn basic theatre skills in a supportive, creative and fun environment. In addition, there is development of the actor's voice and movement, concentration and working collaboratively. Scene study will be explored using classic works by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Miller, O'Neill, Chekov, Williams, Albee and others. Students will track a character's journey through a scene and learn to further articulate the essential elements of characterization. Rehearsal with a scene partner outside of class is required. Classes often culminate in a scene night open to the public. Contact Arts on the Lake for more information.
Photo credit: Chris Casaburi

Saturday, January 8

Steve Kirkman and Backdoor Benny Harris

7:30PM - Steve Kirkman and Backdoor Benny Harris perform at the Putnam Arts Center on Kennicut Hill Road in Mahopac. In 2011 the Putnam Arts Council is pleased to announce a new and exciting performing arts series scheduled monthly at its newly renovated gallery space at the Belle Levine Art Center in Mahopac.
The goal of the program is to develop audiences for emerging to established performing artists and to offer the community access to interesting and diverse forms of music offered throughout the year.

A variety of performances will be offered the second weekend of each month with some on Saturday evenings and some on Sunday afternoons. Sunday programs will be sponsored by a grant from Entergy and will offer free admission.

Our opening weekend of music, January 8 & 9, features two concerts; the first on Saturday at 7:30, celebrates steel guitars played by area performers Backdoor Benny Harris and Steve Kirkman. Mr. Harris draws from a diverse repertoire of traditional acoustic blues, as well as his own original work as does Steve Kirkman, host of Towne Crier’s open mic Wednesday’s. Kirkman is a Hudson Valley transplant from NC via Nashville, Memphis and NYC. Tickets are $20. and reservations are advised.

On Sunday, January 9th at 4pm, we will host Brett Randell, a home grown Mahopac singer and songwriter/poet continuing his “Austin to Amsterdam; Austin to Boston” tour. This free concert is made possible by a grant from Entergy. Locally, Brett has performed at The Towne Crier and Brooklyn Coffeehouse to enthusiastic crowds.

Visit for more details about this and all the programs, classes and other opportunities available at Arts on the Hill, 521 Kennicut Hill Rd., Mahopac.

Special Thanks to Monty Delaney and friends, and PAC Board Member Marc Pekowsky for their efforts in planning for both In the Center Saturday’s and Second Sunday’s. 

Sunday, January 9

Fredonia For the 845

3:00PM - Two Carmel High School graduates, Buddy Griffith and Nina LoConte, currently music education students at SUNY Fredonia, return to perform at Arts on the Lake on Sunday, January 9, at 3 p.m. Joining Griffith and LaConte onstage will be Ryan Boshart from Hyde Park, Jeff Stote from Avon, CT, and Chris Piro from Pelham.  The five performers will present a program of classical music entitled “Fredonia for the 845.”  Tickets are $8. Click here for more information.

Wednesday, January 12

Free Flu Shots

2:30PM - 6:30PM No cost flu shots for residents of Putnam County at the Putnam County Health Department at 1 Geneva Road in Brewster. (You know, where the DMV is.) No appointment is necessary though you will have top fill out a consent form which you can get here.

Today is your last chance of the year to say "Thanks!" for the 140 issues
of News That Matters you read this year
and I encourage you to do so.

It only takes a couple of mouse clicks
(like this one here)
and a few strokes on the keyboard
and you can put a little sheen on a dreadful year.

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