Friday, November 5, 2010

News That Matters - Friday, November 5, 2010 - Things To Do Edition

News That Matters

News That Matters
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Good Friday Morning,

Day 3 of our Annual Fund Drive
which runs until Thanksgiving weekend.

Yeah, it's tough being the only independent media outlet here
Putnam County but someone has to do it.1000 readers, 27,000+ visits to the website, and 2740 posted articles must have some sort of value as they sure as hell took a lot of time to produce.
Now that the election is over it's time for the candidates and their supporters to take account of their finances, see where they sit, pay back old debts to personal friends long since forgotten, close out bank accounts and file the final forms with the state which I always forget to do until I get that nasty, threatening letter from the BOE. You'd think they might save a little money and send a nice reminder postcard once in a while? Perhaps they all got laid off and the only people left are the key-punch operators and the state is really running on automatic: there are no employees, just machines. It seems like that sometimes.

I want to thank the voters for electing Greg Ball to the State Senate. You've insured me two solid years of excellent comic material. It also gives me the opportunity to consider running for the Senate two years hence which would be a pip and oh, so much fun and, once the 'baggers have shown they cannot govern the monster they've created, should be an easy win for almost anyone.

In my column on Wednesday I noted that the county legislature now, with the sad loss of Tony Fusco, had only two opposition voices. But I received an email yesterday from a reader telling me that Kent's rep to the County, Richie Othmer, had a Maryellen bumper sticker on his truck and also that Vinnie Tamagna had signed onto a campaign advertisement in the latest edition of the FOX Courier. (They don't read me and I don't read them so how could I know?) So, make that three-and-a-half voices in opposition. It's looking just a little better for democracy this morning.
While we do not know what form a Leibell administration will take, we're all pretty sure that after the purges and the meted out punishment to the opposition, things should settle down and we'll get a clearer picture of where the county will be heading over the next four years and whether or not adjustments will need to be made during next years Legislative races. But keep a careful eye on his relationship with the County Sheriff. Vinny likes having a personal police force and you will not be served by one. Stay tuned!
If you live in the Town of Southeast and you've had it 'up to here' with crap, consider separating out and joining Connecticut. There's a petition you can sign here.

In the latest edition of, Environment DEC, the state claims that marijuana is an invasive species. They write, "In addition, marijuana disrupts the natural ecosystems found in state lands and, consequently, is regarded as an invasive species." This is from a column saying that the state is finding large plots of marijuana growing on state land. The solution is obvious: legalize, and growers can use their backyards instead.
And then in yesterdays NYJN we have a picture of three sheriffs holding up some of the 125 marijuana plants they found scattered through the woods of Putnam County this year. From the picture, the story is either old and released now for unknown reasons or growers in the county have found frost/freeze-free plants. If it's the latter, we really should commend the growers, patent the seeds and make a killing.

From the article, "Members of the Narcotics Enforcement will continue to monitor suspected areas where clandestine growth operations are maintained," Smith said in a statements "We will continue to combat illegal drug activity in Putnam County by land, air and sea to keep Putnam the safest county in the Hudson Valley."

"Land, air and sea...." Another waste of taxpayer dollars brought to you by your local politicians trying to keep their jobs.
Last week I mentioned that comet Hartley 2 was passing our home planet and gave directions of where to look for it in the night sky. NASA thought it a good idea to take a look as well and send their Deep Impact probe out to take a look around and see what they could see. It's there, on the right. Click through to read more about it at SpaceWeather.Com

One the Hudson Valley's most active pro-democracy activist, Connie Hogarth, lost her husband, Art Kamell last night. Our sympathies go out to her, her family and their friends.

What's Going On?

Friday, November 5

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

7:30PM (repeats Saturday) Brewster High School Presents: Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a play written by Steve Martin in 1993. Concerns the characters of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, who meet at a bar called the Lapin Agile  (Nimble Rabbit) in Montmartre, Paris. It is set on October 8, 1904, and both men are on the verge of an amazing idea (Einstein will publish his special theory of relativity in 1905 and Picasso will paint Les Demoiselles d'Avignon when they find themselves at the Lapin Agile, where they have a lengthy debate about the value of and talent while interacting with a host of other characters including Elvis Presley.

Mat Young (Director) is an actor, director, writer and producer who has taught acting and improvisation for over 15 years. He is a graduate of the New Actor’s Workshop where he studied with Oscar winning film director Mike Nichols and famed improviser and storyteller Paul Sills. The Cast includes: Zack Handler as Einstein, Daniel Chamberlain as Picasso, Ben Bisogno as Gaston, Andre Faivre as Freddie, Forest DeCoste as Elvis Presley, Antonia Carey as Sagot, Julia Garber as Germaine, Cole Crozier as Schmendimen, Allie Rusco as Female Admirer, Michelle LaRusso as Countess and Nicole LaRusso as Suzanne. At the Brewster Performing Arts Center, 50 Foggintown Rd. Brewster, NY, Tickets $9. Sold at the door.

Saturday, November 6

Dutchess County Natural Resource Inventory

8:30AM - at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie. Local experts will present scientific information from the updated "Natural Resource Inventory" and discuss how it can be used by elected/appointed officials, educators, and the public to improve their knowledge of the county's natural resources and inform planning. $10 registration fee covers lunch.  (845) 677-8223 ext. 153

Birdwalk in the Great Swamp

9AM - Enjoy the change of seasons amidst the cedars and grasses in the Slocum Mostachetti Preserve, Wingdale, NY. Oblong Land Conservancy First Saturdays hosts Barbara Butler, Waterman Bird Club. Free. ; RSVP: Stancy DuHamel: 917-328-8184 or

17 Seconds: An Art Exhibit

1PM - 4PM Opening reception. 17 seconds: The average time spent viewing an artwork in a gallery. Have you ever wished there was more interaction at art exhibits? Some studies show that 17 seconds is the average time spent looking at a painting in a gallery. The Reflectionist exhibition strives  to engage you a bit longer and encourages your feedback to the paintings and the artists' statements. You are invited to “talk back” and jot down your comments. Admission: Free. At the Opening Reception the Friends of the Kent Library will have a select sale of art-related books. At Arts on the Lake on Route 52, just south of Route 311. Repeats tomorrow and next weekend.

Art Auction to Benefit Orange County Land Trust

3PM-5PM The Wallkill River School of Art will hold an opening reception and live auction of local "plein air" works of art to benefit the art school and the Orange County Land Trust. Artists from the Wallkill River School have been painting outdoors throughout the summer on protected farmland and other important lands conserved by the Orange County Land Trust. Location: Wallkill River School of Art Gallery, 232 Ward Street (Route 17K) in Montgomery

Common Ground Farm Auction

7PM - 10PM - Sampling delicious local foods, bidding on exciting Hudson Valley products and services, and even getting a jump on holiday shopping will all be part of the festivities at the Common Ground Farm Harvest Auction. The second annual benefit event will be held Saturday, November 6 at 7 pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall at 850 Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D) in Beacon.

The evening of hors d’oeuvre, wine, and music includes both ...a silent auction and a spirited live auction. A cornucopia of donated items for bid includes tickets for Chef Anthony Bourdain’s show at UPAC, a private cooking class for eight by Home Cooking New York, a timeshare in Florida, a session with a professional organizer, tickets for a taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio, and much more. The event will feature foods prepared from ingredients from Common Ground Farm as well as those donated by local purveyors.

Tickets are $15 and are available at the Beacon Farmers Market, Artisan Wine Shop,, and at the door. For more information about the event, call (845) 231-4424. To learn more about the farm, visit

Sunday, November 7

Ten Mile River Cleanup

9AM - We will conduct a cleanup of the public fishing access areas along the Ten Mile River in Dover. We will meet at 9:00am at Boyce Park in Wingdale, just north of the Ketchum Fire House at the intersection of Route 55 and County Route 21/Pleasant Ridge Road, east of the light on Route 22. It's the park with all the ball fields, you can't miss it. We'll consolidate into a couple of vehicles and stop at the public fishing access areas to pick up litter. We should be done by 12:00am. Gloves and garbage bags will be provided. Keep in mind that some of these areas are adjacent to busy streets so it might not be a good idea to bring small children along. Don Jiskra with the Mid-Hudson Chapter of Trout Unlimited has organized this clean-up. He can be reached at 845-855-7357 or Please send Don a note if you plan to attend.

Into The Future:

Thursday, November 11

November Mid-Hudson Watershed Omelet: “Broken Water Cycle”

8AM - Presentation by Cornelia 'Lia' Harris, Education Program Leader, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies for the Hudson River Watershed Alliance
 Mid-Hudson Watershed Omelet Series
The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies has been working with teachers in the Poughkeepsie City School District to pilot a curriculum called “The Broken Water Cycle”.  Its goal is to help students understand how the water cycle is actually a web, and how people have altered that web.  The program hopes to help students realize where their drinking water comes from, and what happens to it when it goes down the drain, where it is uniquely connected to the Hudson River ecosystem. Please RSVP to Russell Urban-Mead, to confirm your attendance. There is a $4 minimum food/beverage purchase. 
Location:  Plaza Diner (Stop&Shop Plaza), New Paltz

David Amram: The First 80 Years!

7:30PM An eclectic musical celebration of composer & multi-instrumentalist David Amram's 80th Birthday, featuring the 60-piece Queens College Orchestra, Maurice Peress, conductor, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Jazz Orchestra & Gospel Choir, Earl McIntyre, Renee Manning, film clips, jazz & poetry, world music, special guests & more! Peter Jay Sharp Theatre $75 / $55 / $35; Members, Students, Seniors $70 / $50 / $30; Children $65 / $45 / $25 Click here for more information.

Friday, November 12

The Future of Your Woods

A workshop for landowners in the Eastern Hudson Highlands. At the Clearpool Education Ctr, Carmel, NY. This workshop will provide landowners with info and tools to get the most out of their woodlands, and learn how to take care of it for future generations. For more information, contact Kristi Sullivan at or Laura Heady at

Michele LeBlanc

7:30PM - 10PM at the Division Street Grill in Peekskill. Featuring jazz pianist Tom Kohl. 26 North Division Street, Peekskill NY 10566. Call for dinner reservations 914 739 6380

Sunday, November 14

Geology of the Hudson Region

Noon - Did you know that most of the rocks below your feet in Dutchess County came from far away? Come explore geological time and the processes that shape the landscape we know and love. From frost heaving and creep, through runoff and stream erosion, to glaciers and ancient thrust faulting, we’ll learn to read the land for evidence of change. A steady climb to the top of south Canoo Hill will reveal the Shawangunks and Catskills in the distance, and the story they tell of river deltas and mountain-formation. Events are free and open to the public. For additional information, please contact Pamela Freeman via phone (845) 677-7600 x121. Location: Meet at main campus parking lot, 2801 Sharon Turnpike (Route 44) in Millbrook, New York.

Tuesday, November 16

Sustainable Restoration of Historic Buildings

Historic buildings represent one of the most sustainable forms of construction, and many of these structures have inherent energy conserving features that are often overlooked. Unique approaches to rehabilitation and restoration are essential in order to preserve historic character and to minimize the potential for unintended consequences that may result from ill-conceived or poorly implemented energy-related upgrades. This presentation will cover an introduction on Historic Preservation, review of the 2010 Energy Conservation Code of NYS, the top 10 things to keep in mind when "greening" an historic structure, and case studies. 1 AIA CEU will likely be available for this event. Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main Street, Beacon, NY

About the Presenters:

Marilyn Kaplan is a NYS registered architect based in Albany. For 20-years, her firm, Preservation Architecture, has specialized in all aspects of planning and implementing restoration on historic structures. Her projects have included dozens of religious properties, libraries, and museums throughout the Hudson Valley and the northeast, as well as monumental buildings such as state capitals, the Russell Senate Office Building and White House in Washington, DC. Ms. Kaplan is a project manager at NYSERDA.

Walter Sedovic, FAIA LEED, Principal & CEO of Walter Sedovic Architects, is dedicated to sustainable preservation. His work and firm represent the vanguard of infusing preservation projects with green building approaches and ideologies, resulting in enriched educational, economic and cultural opportunities, with strong community ties. Walter's achievements have led to his elevation into the American Institute of Architects' prestigious College of Fellows.

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, MLS, is the Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability at the Mid-Hudson Library System in New York where she has assisted 66 member libraries in the areas of governance, management, funding and facilities since 1998. Rebekkah is a LEED AP and a certified Sustainable Building Advisor (NaSBA). Rebekkah consults nationally with public libraries, helping them understand how to create sustainable facilities, operations and programs:
Please RSVP Today
Tickets are $10 for advance sales to Chapter Members and Students, $15 for Members and Students at the door, and $20 for Non-members. To purchase tickets online and register visit the Green Events Calendar.
If you are purchasing tickets at the door please RSVP by replying to this email. Light refreshments are provided.

Friday, November 19

"Carbon Nation" Film Screening

7PM - Join the Cary Institute for a free public screening of Carbon Nation, a witty and optimistic documentary about climate change solutions. The 90-minute film details how fighting climate change can boost local economies, improve public health, and strengthen national security. Learn what people are already doing, what we as a nation could be doing, and what the world needs to do to stave off climate change by moving to a low-carbon economy. Events are free and open to the public. For additional information, please contact Pamela Freeman via phone (845) 677-7600 x121.
Location: This event will be held in the Cary Institute auditorium, located at 2801 Sharon Turnpike (Route 44) in Millbrook, New York.

Saturday, November 20

Affordable Art Show

10AM - 4PM (repeats Sunday) If you are shopping for high-quality, unique and affordable gifts or if you simply want to furnish your home with new art, Arts on the Lake may have what you’re looking for. AotL is proud to announce its first Affordable Art Show to be held at the Center on Saturday, November 20th and Sunday, November 21st from 10:00-4:00. Those who “oohed and aahed” over the high quality and scope of the art exhibited at AotL’s Annual Fall Members’ Art Show now have an opportunity to shop for pocket-friendly fine art created by the Center’s member artists.
AotL is located at 640 Route 52, Kent Lakes , New York 10512. For further information call 845 228-2685.

Monday, November 22

Dam Removal 201: Sediment Assessment & Management

9:00AM - 3:30PM. Norrie Point Environmental Center, Staatsburg, NY Hosted by American Rivers. Funded by and in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program, and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission.

Objective: This free one-day workshop is a follow-up to our Dam Removal Project Manager Training held this past March. By popular demand, this workshop will focus in more detail on sediment assessment and management approaches at dam removals. The workshop speakers and facilitators will include expert staff from American Rivers, as well as Joe Rathbun, who instructs courses around the country on dam removal sediment assessment and is a member of the federal Subcommittee on Sediment, which is developing national guidelines for dam removal sediment assessment and management. The morning portion of the workshop will include presentations on sediment assessment techniques and management approaches through case studies and a description of the draft federal guidelines. In the afternoon, we will have a facilitated discussion of how national and regional dam removal sediment protocols conform with existing New York regulations and guidance, with the objective of defining sediment assessment and management approaches that are applicable to dam removals in New York.

Who Will Benefit: Regulators, state conservation staff, conservation organizations, watershed organizations, county soil and water conservation districts, emergency management officials, hazard mitigation planners, public works department staff. Previous attendance at the Dam Removal Project Manager Training is NOT necessary for this workshop.

NOTE: Consultants are welcome, but will be placed on a wait list and registered if space remains after the registration deadline. Registration is limited to 40. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To Register or Obtain a Detailed Course Agenda, contact: Rebecca Budd, American Rivers,, Subject: "NY Dam Removal Workshop."

Monday, December 13

Conference on Water Resources and the Regional Economy

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the Hudson River Estuary Program, in partnership with the SUNY New Paltz Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach, the Hudson River Watershed Alliance will host a conference on Water Resources and the Regional Economy. Confirmed Speakers are Maurice Hinchey, Region 2 Administrator Judith Enck, and NYSDEC Assistant Commissioner for Water Resources James Tierney. Expected audience: Municipal staff, engineers, planners, environmental groups, and volunteers involved in green infrastructure and low impact development planning projects. For more information and regular updates visit:, or email and put "Water Conference" in the subject line.
Location: SUNY New Paltz, Student Union Building, Multi-Purpose Room

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