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News That Matters - Friday, July 8, 2010 - Things To Do Edition

News That Matters

News That Matters
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"This action by some members of the Legislature is sadly all about pandering and personal political gain. It unfortunately reinforces Putnam's anti-business reputation and philosophy, which has helped to create the overwhelming tax burden for residents,"

Good Friday Morning,

So says Paul Camarda. The quote above was pulled from a NYJN article about an attempt made to give projected sales tax dollars to Mr. Camarda for a road project he promised he would pay for himself. Luckily 7 out of 9 legislators voted the right way.

Thanks to SO for his support for what we do and to BM: I completely missed your picnic on June 27th. I really thought it was this weekend for some reason. My apologies.

In other news:
  • Judge Joseph L. Tauro of United States District Court in Boston ruled yesterday that the Federal ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The Obama Administration is having it's cake and eating it too by declaring that though they disagree with DOMA ('Defense' of Marriage Act) that it is constitutional and will file an appeal. That's reason #458,789 why I didn't vote for the guy.
  • Thanks to a bill introduced by Congressman John Hall, HR952, veterans claiming to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will have a much easier time getting help from the VA than in the past.
  • Traveling in and out of the country is about to get more expensive. The US State Department has raised the price of a passport from the current $100 to $135, effe3ctive come next Tuesday, July 13.
  • On this day in 1962 the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles displayed Andy Warhol's first "soup can" exhibition. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane, just completed a 24 hour flight landing safely in Switzerland.
  • National Public Radio is officially changing it's name to NPR. Sometimes called, National Propaganda Radio, for their lack of investigative reporting and once known affectionately as National Pentagon Radio during the second Gulf War, the marketing staff at NPR has decided to give everyone what they want and simply go with initials that anyone will be free to spell out how they wish.
  • Broome County, NY is about to take a $15,000,000 offer to allow hydrofracking on county-owned lands. I can see Vinnie Tamagna running around Philipstown with a shovel and a match to see if there's any gas there and if so, will offer the gas companies $15,000,000 in deferred sales taxes to drill in Philipstown.
  • Ernest J. Pagels, Jr. isn't exactly a household name around these here parts but out in Wisconsin this Republican candidate for the US Senate has promised that if elected he will outlaw homosexuality, abortion, all forms of pornography and kosher Chinese carry outs. Alright. I made one of those up.
  • California GOP US Senate candidate Sharon Angles has also promised that if elected she too will get on the ban-abortion bandwagon even in cases of rape and/or incest. She offers no plan to pay raped women to raise their children so the jury is still out on that one.
  • A Chinese airport in Hangzhou City was dramatically shut down after baffled air traffic controllers spotted an incoming UFO on their radar systems.
  • And finally today, if you need a little calming down and you can't find the scrip for valium you got way back in the 80's, try a sniff of jasmine instead.


CIES Interpretive Hike along the Wappinger Creek Trail

5PM - In celebration of Creek Week and Dutchess County Watershed Awareness Month, this family-friendly event hosted by the Cary Institute and Cornell Cooperative Extension will engage children and adults in hands-on activities. Participants will sample macro-invertebrates (stream "bugs") and learn about water quality issues. Hikers are advised to wear sturdy waterproof shoes and bring your camera and drinking water. Picnic tables are available for those who choose to pack a dinner to enjoy after the walk. In the event of heavy rain, the program will be canceled.  Event is free of charge. Reservations are suggested. For more information or to register, please call 845-677-7600 ext. 121. Location: Cary East (Gifford House) parking area, 2917 Sharon Turnpike (Rte. 44) in Millbrook, N.Y


Battle of the Bands

10AM - 3PM Join us on the Library Green and get ready to rock at the Kent Public Library's first annual Battle of the Bands competition! Bring your lawn chairs and your blankets and listen to some fabulous local high school and college bands and help us decide the winner. Food and soft drinks will be available for purchase throughout the day from the Friends of the Kent Public Library. Battle of the Bands is brought to you by the Kent Public Library with help and support from the Town of Kent, Friends of the Kent Public Library and Cartwright & Daughters Tent & Party Rentals.
Bands Appearing:
Adrenaline Rush, 10:15am
The Parthenon, 10:45am
Megazord Theory, 11:15am
Pray for Dawn, 11:45am
Ascendancy, 12:15pm
Event Horizon, 12:45pm
Kid Jerusalem, 1:15pm
To Know Avail, 1:45pm

The Kent Public Library is on Route 52 just north of Route 311.

Wappinger Watershed Rain Barrel Building Workshop

10 AM - Location: Wappinger Town Hall, 20 Middlebush Road, Wappingers Falls, NY. A rain barrel is used to capture runoff from rooftops during a storm. Once the water is collected in a barrel, it can be used later to water your lawn or garden. At the end of this rain barrel building workshop you’ll walk away with your own functional and ready-to-install rain barrel! Due to the costs associated with this event, there is a small $15 fee and a sign-up. Spaces are limited – please RSVP by emailing Vicky Buono at or calling (845) 677-8223 x153.

ADK Hike: Buttercup Preserve & Thompson Pond

10 AM - Location: Buttercup Farm. We will head north along the Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary trail, parallel to the Wappinger Creek (admission $3). Later, we will drive to Thompson Pond, where the Wappinger Creek originates, and hike around it (about 3 miles).Please call or email trip leader Beth Willis at (845) 373-8202, to RSVP.

A Celestial Evening with Skyman Bob

9PM - At the Mountain Top Arboretum in Tannersville, NY. Celebrate the wonders of the summer sky with  renowned astronomer Bob Berman, aka "SkymanBob".  Bring your binoculars, a blanket and a flashlight and meet at the Arboretum parking lot. or 518-589-3903

Into the Future:

Tuesday, July 13

Storm Drain Marking

10:00 am. As part of Dutchess County's Watershed Awareness Month, help mark our storm drains. Water that flows into the gutters often contains many pollutants, road salt, cigarette butts, and candy wrappers to name a few. Small disc-shaped markers are permanently attached to the storm drain and help remind people that the water entering that drain flows to our river and streams. Help mark storm drains along the Main Street Corridor and help raise awareness about a common source of pollution to our rivers and streams. During this event, participants will also learn about stormwater runoff, what it is, where it comes from and how to reduce it as you stroll along the Fall Kill Creek in the City of Poughkeepsie with the Assistant City Engineer, Joe Chenier, and the Fall Kill Watershed Coordinator, Jen Rubbo. For more information, contact Jen Rubbo, Location: Meet at the corner of Rt. 44/Columbus Drive & Main Street, City of Poughkeepsie, NY

Sunday, July 18

Hike Around White Pond

11AM - the Kent CAC will lead a Hike around White Pond. We'll meet at the NY State Multiple Use parking area on White Pond Road off of Farmer's Mills Road. The hike will traverse the historic dam, skirt through the hemlocks, chestnuts, and tupelos in the deep woods, tiptoe across a stone wall above a swamp, and finally follow along the road with the open water and big sky. Don't forget to bring your lunch and water for the hike. Also, you may wish to bring a bathing suit for a dip in the clean, cool waters of White Pond after the hike.

This is a moderate hike that takes about three hours including a lunch break and stops to learn local and natural history. Expect to see day lilies and Indian pipes, enjoy the sweet fragrance of the swamp azalea, and lunch overlooking the lake. If bad weather forces us to cancel the hike, we'll send an e-mail like this one and post the news on the Kent CAC programs page about an hour before the scheduled start. For further information contact hike leader Beth Herr <>

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