Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Good Tuesday evening,

I was out with the dog just before and happened to catch the Full Cold Moon rising in the east and thinking back over the year at how News That Matters has grown in that time. About 1000 people read each issue, 450 or so directly by email and another 600 read it online at its various online locations. It gets reported on, its stories get picked up by major news outlets and those same outlets that used to call me for quotes and comments no longer do because they view News That Matters as a competing source.

You know that if we've written about some local politician he's usually ready to write/call/sue. That when your organization is having an event, posting in our Things To Do Edition is a sure way to get people to go. That you have called on our sponsors and they've treated you extra-special because you're part of this exciting endeavor.

But with all that said, it still takes time ~ about ten hours a week, 50 or so weeks a year and it's just once a year we ask that you help us out and show your support by donating to the cause.

We have a small handful of regulars who help each year and I love them - and you should too - since without them this column would fail to arrive each Monday, Wednesday and Friday chock full of interesting - and sometimes even useful - information.

So, click on the donate buttons available on the page and help keep News That Matters  coming to your inbox week after week after week.

And then I'll leave you alone. Promise.



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