Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Save the Date - April 16, 2009

Notice: Patterson Crossing has not yet died.

The Town of Patterson Zoning board is going to entertain the idea of giving Patterson Crossing a height variance of 37'.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, April 16 at 7PM at the Patterson Town Hall in the hamlet.

Here's the release:

2) Patterson Crossing Case #08-09-Area Variance
Applicant is requesting an area variance pursuant to Section 154-7 of the Patterson Town Code; Schedule of Regulations.
The Code allows a structure to be 35 feet in height in the C-1 Zoning District. While majority of the buildings will not exceed 35 feet in height, the Applicant is proposing a number of architectural features that will exceed the 35 foot maximum allowable height, with the highest proposed structure at 72'. The variance requested if for 37'. The property is located at NYS Route 311, Patterson and Kent, New York