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News That Matters - December 24, 2008

News That Matters
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Good Wednesday Morning,

Tomorrow is Christmas (as I'm sure most know) and next week is the New Year. Don't assume that everyone you know has a place to go and someone to be with, no matter how 'popular' they may seem to you. Extend an invitation. Make room at the table.

Forty years ago today, we were given our first opportunity to gaze into the cosmic mirror and look upon ourselves. What we saw was this:

We'd never really seen ourselves before and the moment this image was beamed to millions of television viewers around the world the modern environmental movement was born. We have an obligation to keep that dream alive.

These two responses came regarding yesterday's News That Matters:

"I don't care what they say about you. You're the greatest when it comes to this kind of stuff. You done us proud boy."


"On behalf of Putnam taxpayers, thank you for your efforts to bring some sanity to this issue at the farm."

That's enough of a Christmas present for me. But for those who missed my birthday, there's always this.

'Net Yule Log:
For people intelligent enough not to have broadcast television in their homes and who do not have a fireplace, there's this. It won't keep you warm but it might entertain the cat.

And then, there's this... let's not forget:

And now, the News:

  1. Giving, not receiving, is the real meaning of Christmas
  2. Baby Born in Back of Cab
  3. Return of missing wallet reason to celebrate hope
  4. Mistletoe Meds Fight Cancer, Studies Show

Giving, not receiving, is the real meaning of Christmas

By: Eric Gross , Staff Reporter

PUTNAM LAKE-Sacred Heart Church in Putnam Lake might be one of Putnam's smaller parishes yet when it comes to heart, the church is a giant.

For the 20th consecutive year, the church family has worked in conjunction with the Brewster School District by collecting gifts for needy families. Last Wednesday, dealing with a combination of sleet, rain and snow falling from the heavens, a team of five social workers picked up 28 large packages and delivered them to the families in need.

Meg Cairney, Sacred Heart's Coordinator of Religious Education, explained that "Christmas should be special to everyone regardless of their finances. Many people are experiencing difficulty at no fault of their own."

Cairney expressed great pride with the Sacred Heart Church family for digging deep and donating money and presents for those in need.

Not only did parishioners assist but Cairney said due to the larger than usual number of families needing help, the Holy Name Society and Catholic Daughters of America also aided with the purchase of holiday gifts along with the parish priest.

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Baby Born in Back of Cab

NEW YORK (AP)  -- A Christmas gift has come early to a mom whose newborn was delivered in the back seat of a taxi cab with the help of four of New York's Finest.

It all started Tuesday when a cab driver speeding the expectant mom to Brooklyn Hospital flagged down two patrol officers.

The officers - Kerryann Douglass and Joved Serrano - helped catch the baby, who was born not breathing. Officer Douglas, a mother of three, cleared the baby's airway.
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Return of missing wallet reason to celebrate hope

To the Editor:

Recently, our daughter traveled to Washington, D.C. with a small group of students from her high school Latin class here in Charleston, W.V. The group traveled via Amtrak.
Upon returning home, she realized she had lost her wallet somewhere on the return trip. She suspected that she had misplaced it on the train. Contacting the local Amtrak office, she found that nothing had been turned in as lost.

Today, a small package arrived for her from Louie Rodrigues, Carmel, N.Y. In the package was her wallet with all the contents intact, including her money.

Louie even replaced her change with dollar bills to make the wallet lighter for shipping. With the wallet was a short note of apology for taking so long in returning the wallet; it has been only two weeks. He apologized that with the holidays and all he had been very busy.
Returning the wallet was such a gracious act, certainly no apology was necessary. This simple act of "doing the right thing" is a sign that all is not "bad" in our society and that there is good in people's hearts.

Thank you Louie! What a perfect time to witness this "just" act from a righteous and caring person during this special season of thanksgiving and hope.
Merry Christmas!

Gary Lane
Charleston, W.V.

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Mistletoe Meds Fight Cancer, Studies Show

Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Good Medicine | Discovery News Video  Dec. 24, 2008 -- Another reason to celebrate under the mistletoe this holiday season is that researchers have just determined a medicine made out of fermented mistletoe may prolong the lives of cancer patients.

The plant is Viscum album, the most common holiday mistletoe of Europe, and the species that first inspired the tradition of couples sharing a kiss under its evergreen leaves and waxy berries.

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