Monday, November 3, 2008

John Degnan Run Down by Ball Campaigner

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On Sunday evening while placing campaign signs, Mark Anderson reports that John Degnan was run down by Chris Arnold, a worker for the Greg Ball campaign. Mr. Arnold was in the process of removing a Degnan sign in front of the Heritage Hills community when Mr. Degnan caught him in the act. John is fine. Mr. Arnold was questioned by police after they found 10 Degnan signs in his trunk. The NYJN has nothing to say and Mr. Ball is strangely silent.

I once referred to Greg Ball's cohorts as Brown Shirts for their tactics. I stand by that today and remind people of another time when brown shirted men ran rampant in the streets. The question is, will voters in the 99th AD get what they deserve?

The full message from Mark Anderson is here.